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Burton Restricted Kilter Snowboard Jacket Review

Burton Restricted Kilter

Burton Restricted Kilter Jacket It’s part of the Restricted series and not many shops out there are going to have it. It’s part of the Team Fit series and it’s actually about 2″ longer than the average Burton jacket, and 1″ longer in the sleeves than most Burton jackets. This Kilter jacket has the DryRide 2-layer Durashell Technology….


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Joe Sexton Jackets

Joe Sexton Featured

2013 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series Unleaded Jackets Oh yeah, Thirtytwo stepped up to the plate and hit a home run by making the 2013 Joe Sexton Signature Series Unleaded Jacket.  The Joe Sexton Jacket is a step into the past; Joe is an avid customer of local Minneapolis, MN vintage retail shops and Thirtytwo…


2013 Thirtytwo -32 DGK Jacket

DGK Jacket Featured

2013 DGK x 32 Collection Shiloh 2 Jacket Sometimes you find a jacket that is just right, and the 2013 DGK x Collection Shiloh 2 Jacket is one of them.  The Thirtytwo DGK Jacket has a wonderful combination of features, fit, and colorways (Red or Black).  The high quality construction and ghetto’ed design will make every…


Burton Lodge Jacket Review

2011 Burton Lodge Jacket Tthe Burton Lodge Jacket. It is not really a snowboard jacket but it can be worn as a snowboard jacket in the layering system. There are a lot of cool features to this jacket. It is a stylish jacket, of course, and it has a SIG fit shape to it. There is…


Burton Ante Up Puffy Snowboard Jacket Review


Burton Ante Up Puffy Jacket The Burton Ante Up Puffy Jacket is great  they are very very warm. This jacket has a lot of tack to it as well. It’s part of the teen fit series so it’s going to be a little bit larger a little bit relaxed. There’s actually two inches of length…


Burton AK 2L Turbine Jacket Review

Burton AK 2L Turbine Snowboard Jacket

Burton AK 2L Turbine Snowboard Jacket The Burton AK 2L Turbine GORE-TEX jacket has two layers of GORE-TEX, it’s waterproof, it’s windproof, breathable and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Gortex is the top of the line. It is the Ferrari of material for snowboarding jackets. If you want to stay comfortable and dry all day long,…


Burton TWC Bit O Heaven Jacket Review


Burton TWC Bit-O-Heaven Jacket This is a Burton Shawn White Collection Bit O’ Heaven Jacket. It’s part of the Sig Fit Collection so it’s not excessively baggy and it’s not emo-tight either — it’s right in the middle. This jacket I’m wearing is actually a size extra-large. I’m a pretty tall guy and it fits…


Burton Poacher Jacket Review


Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket The Burton Poacher snowboard Jacket is a Sig Fit Jacket, so this jacket isn’t super gangster and it’s not super emo either. It’s for the average guy out there that just likes to ride. Now, the 5,000 millimeter water proof material and the 5,000 millimeter breathable material combined with the abrasion resistant…


Burton AK 2L Cyclic Gore-Tex Jacket

Burton AK

Burton AK 2L Cyclic Gore-Tex Jacket This is a two layer Cyclic Snowboard Jacket from Burton Snowboards. It is part of the AK series meaning this jacket is very, very extreme. It has GORE-TEX in it, actually two layers of GORE-TEX. If you don’t know what GORE-TEX is, it is the most waterproof, windproof, and…


Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket Review

Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket

Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket This is the Burton Mongrel Snowboarding Jacket. This is part of the Team Fit Series. That’s right, going to be a relaxed fit. It actually has two inches of length on the bottom and about one inch of additional length on the articulated sleeves. Now the combination of both a waterproof…