2014 Winter Fashion Trends: Color is Back!

In response to last year’s neutrals and muted colors, vibrancy and brilliance are coming back with a vengeance in 2014 for Women’s Outerwear.

Clementine Oranges, Blazing Reds, and Yellows are all the rage.  Match them with some Deep Greens and Blues and you have a well-rounded palate.   My eyes would normally pop out of my head but luckily there are plenty of subdued neutrals, blacks, and browns to accent the luster.  No need for sunglasses to shield you from the glow. Considerate fashionistas have brilliantly blended (pun very much intended) flash with matte.  Quite a nifty balance if you ask me.

Nike Jacket

Lively ethnic and marbled prints are popping up, like the Nike Alpenglow Print snowboard jacket in Prize Blue.

There is a lot of colorblocking again this year; a preexisting trend which has been revamped in 2014.  Much like our beloved precious plaids which never seem to go out of style, I’m starting to think colorblocking may become a staple in jacket fashion.

Here’s lookin at you Prints-cess!

Satin, wool, and textured fabrics add a lot of depth to the overall design.  Military inspired collections see waxed cottons, twills and tweeds with a flavorful approach.  About face infantry expressions!  These classic styles are spinning off the nautical trend that blew up in the 2013 Spring/Summer Season.   That is not any scuttlebutt; so batten down the hatches, slack up the mooring, and dust off your Topsiders.

Gwen Stefani puts a twist on throwback style with a combination of vintage flair and modern glam.  But it is not all form without function.  Herringbone Prints, Clementine and Army Colors bring fashion to the performance driven Stormproof Tech Jacket.  I mean, look at the Burton x L.A.M.B. Anorak Jacket.  You’ll be turning heads while getting those turns in, No Doubt.L.A.M.B. Anorak Jacket

To improve warmth and dryness; as well as rid you of the feeling like you are wearing outdated spongy and tight crotched Snow Pants, a few companies have come out with some radical Softshell Snowboard Pants with a cool look.  This design desire has been present in years past yet has not been as exceptionally executed as this year!  Volcom has introduced designs, my favorite being the Volcom Species Stretch pant, that have all the bells and whistles while also being really comfortable.  The Snowboard Pants are super stretchy, easy to move in, and have a great look.  The Volcom Pants Scientists somehow managed to get a mind-blowing waterproof/breathability rating of 15K/15K.

While some companies like Holden Outerwear identify themselves with the Green Movement, using eco-friendly fabrics and techniques, we are seeing more and more companies joining our environmentally conscious homies this year.   Venture over to our Eco Friendly clothing writeup to check out who else is on the bandwagon to help save the snow, one article at a time. (See what I did there?)

Bottom Line:  It’s about damn time women snowboarders got some attention around here.  So often we see new innovation released to our male counterparts first; then, if we are lucky, it slowly trickles into women’s lines.  You have spoken and they have listened.  There are options for all of the tech you could ever want in an array of looks so you are not stuck looking like a 12 year old girl who came out with Sunday School Ski Club; unless that’s what you’re going for.  We’ve got that too.

Jenny Vogel

Eco-Friendly Clothing and Snowboarding…

Eco-friendly clothing and snowboarding go together like Vodka and Redbull

Much like my favorite Friday night beverage; when snow sports and eco-fashion come together I get pumped!  Fortunately, this energizing combination does not lead me to a Saturday morning filled with regret and stomach ache.

What does eco-friendly mean, you ask?

It’s simple silly.  Any product that is made, used, or disposed of in a way that significantly reduces the harm it would otherwise cause to the environment is considered Eco-Friendly. Making Eco-Friendly Products in the snow biz takes EFFORT, lots of effort.  Hundreds of researchers, scientists, and engineers knock there noodles together in order to create materials that make your super snazzy outerwear as gentle on the environment as you; and in some cases, more than you.  But that is another lesson for another day.

Luckily though, that day is today. Why should you give a damn, you ask?

Whoa, chill out bro.  Yes, I know I’m not your mother or your environmental conscience.  But I do have the moral responsibility to bang you on the head if you do not put forth some effort to respect Mother Nature and all that she gives us (ah hem…snow??).  Waterproof/water resistant, breathable apparel typically is made from synthetic fibers.  These fibers come from petrochemicals and take 30-40 years to decompose.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be skiing on landfills my whole life (hello, Buckhill, MN).  As much as I love a pretty sunset, I’d much rather take a breath of fresh air over a smog filled sky any day.  Even the dyeing and printing of fabrics has huge impact on our environment.  Textiles alone account for 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution.

Try this on for size: You are what you wear.

I am not speaking in terms of how your clothes define you; rather, in the fact that we absorb the chemicals from our environment.  Thanks to Biomonitoring, scientists have identified chemicals that do not flush through our system and the effects of toxic exposure.  We are what we wear; we are what we eat, what we sit on, what we breathe. Take heed in what David Suzuki so famously remarked: We are the environment and it is us.

So, what should you be on the lookout for in eco-fashion, you wonder?

Most times, you’ll see the obvious ones like “Organic Cotton” or “Recycled Polyester”.  What you may not know is that companies also use durable and long lasting Hemp, the dreadlocked granola eating godfather of Eco-Fabrics.  Ooowww and then there’s Tencel, my favorite.   Tencel is soft, antimicrobial, and naturally moisture wicking; made from eucalyptus trees. Those Koala Bears are on to something.

Do not forget about those nasty toxic chemicals going into your clothes; not to mention the soil, water and air?  Look for PFOA-free – a man-made chemical used in waterproof/water-resistant textiles that can be harmful to humans and is currently being voluntarily phased out thanks to the initiative of the EPA.

Now that you have passed Eco-Fashion 101 with flying colors, you are now ready to handle the amazingness…

Holden Outerwear, founded by owners Mikey Leblanc and Scott Zergebel, launched with an Eco-Friendly Promise straight out the gates.  Widely known for their Eco-Friendly Outerwear, they’ve developed waterproof and breathable fabrics made from Hemp and Recycled plastic bottles.  For this innovation they have received global awards and inspired others to follow suit.

2014 Snorkel JacketHolden Skinny Snowboard Pants


For 2014, Holden came out with the Snorkel snowboard jacket and Standard Skinny snowboard pants that both feature a 10K/5K PFOA free DWR with solvent-free lamination, recycled polyester lining, and recycled taffeta lining. Plus, it ships in a biodegradable bag. These features are echoed throughout their line.
Burton Snowboards, led by the world famous Jake Burton, has teamed up with Mountain Dew (how appropriate!) in producing a whole line of goods made from Recycled plastic bottles.

Burton Landing Snowboard Jacket

Check out the 2014 Men’s Burton Landing snowboard jacket, select colorways like the Raya above, is made with Recycled Bottle Polyester that will make you feel as good as you look.

So next time you’re thinking about chaining yourself to a tree to show your love for Mother Nature, maybe just buy eco-friendly clothing from The-House instead.

Jenny Vogel

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection


2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection

Yeah, yeah, yeah there has been a lot of talk about Travis Rice lately.  He was the star of the Art of Flight that came out earlier this season, he was the man behind the Red Bull Supernatural event, and he dates a supermodel (well, she’s pretty close).  When you’re rising to the top of the sports world, and get asked to be on late night talk shows, the opportunities of life swing their doors wide open for you.  For 2013 Quiksilver will release the Travis Rice Collection and it’s nothing short of amazing.  Here’s a sneak peak into a full kit of goodies that Travis will be riding next season…


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket

Could the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket be the most sought after snowboard jacket of all time?  Yes.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice – Scott Serfas collaboration Serfas Stripe Print pattern is a mind blowing combination of fabric, life, and art.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket

Everyone needs a puffy jacket.  Everyone needs more Travis Rice in their lives.  Everyone needs the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket.  This fabulous piece of clothing is the Chuck Norris of snowboard jackets.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Cityscape Base Layer

A guy walks into a bar wearing a Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Cityscape Base Layer after slaying pow all day and the girls flock to him because he looks so good.  No joke.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Shadow Pant

You’ll cast no shadows with this ray of light called the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Shadow Pant.  The relaxed fit is big enough to sag without looking like an emo kid.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Square Mitt

It’s a tough decision trying to choose whether or not to wear gloves or mittens.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Square Mitt is the spork of the glove and mitten world.  Removable glove liners and a trigger finger mitt shell will keep your digits toasty all season long.


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Sneak Peak


2013 Thirtytwo Sneak Peak

Can you believe you’re seeing a sneak peak of the 2013 Thirtytwo gear?  Below are our 2 favorite series/collaborations Thirtytwo is offering for the 2013 season; the Joe Sexton Signature Series and the Dirtytwo (Thirtytwo X DGK) Collection.  Both are on opposite ends of the style spectrum – they cater to Thirtytwo’s diverse range of riders.  If you’re hesh or thug Thirtytwo has something for you.  Think about combining the two.  Imagine a baggy Dirtytwo jacket and tight pants – it’s called EmoYo’.



2013 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series

What’s every Midwest snowboard kid’s dream growing up?  To get sponsored and have a pro model.  Joe Sexton isn’t a kid any more, he’s a grown man sitting ontop of the snowboard industry.  Thirtytwo saw Joe’s potential marketability and gave him not only a pro model piece, but multiple pieces.   Here it is ladies and gentlemen the Joe Sexton Signature Series.



Thirtytwo DGK Collection

Bridging the gap between snowboarding and skateboarding isn’t done by wonder boy Shaun White, it’s done by Thirtytwo and it’s Thirtytwo DGK Collection.  For all the kids living in urban area with tons of rail, ledge, and drop options Thirtytwo desided to collaborate with skateboarding’s bad boys, Dirty Ghetto Kids.  If you like Aesop Rock, tagging bathroom mirrors, and Cab 270-Front Tail-Back Nose (Change Up)-Pretzel Out combos you’ll love everything Dirtytwo has to offer.


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 DGK Collection

2013 DGK x 32 Collection

How in the world did Thirtytwo and DGK come together for a collaboration?  Through the love of skating that’s how.  Everyone has a different style, or at least should have.  For the hesh dudes Thirtytwo offers the Joe Sexton Signature Series and for the thugs they offer the DGK Collection.  The DGK gear fits a lot bigger than the average pant and jacket combos, but when you’re a Dirty Ghetto Kid, that’s all that you need.  The DGK branding is top notch, the functionality is perfect, and the tech is right on the dial.

DGK Shiloh 2 Jackets

What is big, baggy, and full of features?  The Shiloh 2 Jacket.  The long length keeps your seat dry on crash landings and on long chair rides.  It’s the idea piece of the DGK Collection and screams for respect.



DGK Blahzay Pants

Shoe string isn’t a very wise supportive device, but make you look cool like the dudes at the local skatepark.  If the shoe string doesn’t keep your Blahzay Pants up, no worries, there is belt loops too.




DGK TM-Two Boots

Thirtytwo riders have a team boot favorite; it’s called the TM-Two.  One thing that could make the TM-Two better is a collaberation with DGK.  Not very many companies put as much detailed effort into their product, but Thirtytwo does.  DGK for live.


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Joe Sexton Signature Series


2012 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series

How in the world could a kid from Minnesota get as good as Joe Sexton?  With tons a dedication and the willingness to always have fun.  Joe got picked up a few years back by Thirtytwo and has gradually worked his way to the top of the snowboard industry.  His exposure meter is off the charts, he rides for some great companies, and Thirtytwo let him design his out kit.  That’s right, Joe has pro-model boots, jackets, and pants.

If the Joe Sexton Signature Series feels a little to hesh for you, check out the DGK Collection, it’s pretty big.

 Joe Sexton Unleaded Jackets

The Unleaded Jacket is pretty straight forward and simple.  This 50’s gas station employee inspired thick canvas jacket helps you do it all – shred, school, chill.  STI Repel keeps the water out and the quilted liner keep you warm.


Joe Sexton Kermit Pants

With a classic 5 pocket denim fit how can you go wrong with the Kermit Pant?  You can’t.  Medial leg cuffs slide easily over your boots and with gloves on the zipper fly opens with a blink of an eye.  Be warned, there is no insulation in these babies, think about adding a baselayer underneath.




Joe Sexton The Maven Boots

So you thought the 2012 86 FTs were skate inspired?  Wait until you ride the The Maven Boots!  The cuff is low and soft, the outsole is thin, and Thirtytwo laced them up.  The first person to Treflip with these gets an internet high five.

Travis Rice Jacket – Quiksilver Aspect Jackets


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket

Everyone needs a puffy coat.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Tahiti, you need one.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice Aspect Jacket just might be the exact puffy that everyone on the face of the planet should be wearing.

The 100% Polyester Mélange fabric is the Chuck Norris of outwear material, you’ll snag nails, the nails won’t snag you.  The pockets are big and there is tons of Thinsulate Insulation to keep you warm no matter where you are in the world.

Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket Specs

  • 100% Polyester Mélange
  • Printed Taffeta Lining
  • QT13 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Type G, 150gms Body / 120gms Sleeves and Hood
  • 1-Way Adjustable Fixed Hood System
  • Micro Fiber Chin Guard
  • Internal Cuffs
  • Mesh Lined Venting
  • Fixed Powder Skirt w/ Loop and Snap Adjustment System
  • Internal Goggle Pocket w/ Cleaner
  • All Access Pocket
  • Travis Rice Signature Hydromark Logo
  • Regular Fit

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Symbol Jacket

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Shadow Pant

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Square Mitt

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Cityscape Base Layer


Travis Rice Jacket – Quiksilver Symbol Jackets


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket

The Quiksilver Travis Rice Symbol Jacket may be one of the most technical jackets of 2013.  The Pop Top hood transforms to fit over a helmet in a zip of time and the Gore-Tex, well, you know…

Scott Serfas, a Vancouver based photographer, traveled with Travis Rice on the Art of Flight expedition and captured some of the most breathtaking images in the history of snowboarding.  Scott, Travis, and Quiksilver teamed up and chose images from their adventures filming Art of Flight and created Sefras Stripe Print pattern for the 2013 Quksilver Travis Rice Collection.

Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket Specs

  • 100% Polyester GORE_TEX® Product Shell
  • Climate Control Liner with Diamond Dobby™
  • Closed Brushed Mesh Inserts and Printer Satin Lining
  • 2-Way Adjustable Fixed Hood System
  • RECCO™ Advanced Rescue Technology
  • Micro Fiber Chin Guard
  • Hand Hammocks
  • Mesh Lined Venting
  • Take Off Your Skirt / Uni-Suit Zip System
  • Internal Media and Goggle Pocket w/ Cleaner
  • YKK® Aquaguard® Vision® Zipper
  • Travis Rice Signature Hydromark Logo
  • Regular Fit w/ Drop Tail

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Shadow Pant

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Aspect Jacket

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Square Mitt

2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection – Cityscape Base Layer

Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket Review

Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket

The Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket has a lifetime guarantee against the manufacturer’s defects, so if anything goes wrong with this jacket, send it to Burton. They’ll either fix it for you for free or send you a brand new one. The Tronic Jacket is part of the Sig Fit Series. It’s this fit right in the middle; it’s not too large and it’s not too small. It’s actually for the average guy out there, but this isn’t an average jacket whatsoever. The Tronic Jacket is part of the Dry Ride Two Layer Durashell Technology Series. It’s a combination of two things: number 1 being the abrasion-resistant fabric on the outside, and underneath the waterproof breathable membrane, there’s 20,000 millimeters of waterproofing material and 15,000 millimeters of breathable material. This is going to be a very water-resistant, very breathable jacket. If you are in [red] conditions or conditions that make you sweat a lot, this is going to be a perfect jacket for you. Yes, it is just a shell-type jacket, but you can definitely layer up with any of the layer systems Burton has as well. Now, on the inside of the jacket there’s some great features. On the outside of the jacket, again, there are some great features. One the outside, of course, there’s a contoured lifetime hood. It’s not removable, but it is fully adjustable. So you can have an odd-shaped head and this thing’s going to fit or a normal-shaped head and this thing will fit as well.

There arepit zips to allows your armpits to breathe a little bit more. And one of my favorite things, the [POW] thumbs. That’s right. You don’t have to wear these, but these keep your jacket seams down on your arms instead of like lifting way up. Sometimes when you grab tail or you tweak it hard, sometimes that sleeve lifts up. The POW thumbs won’t let you do that. There’s adjustable cuffs as well and lots of pockets on this jacket. There’s two chest pockets and two sub belly pockets. The belly pockets actually have a nice, fleece lining and elastic closures as well. There’s a keyring that keeps your keys intact so you won’t lose them. Don’t lose your keys; attach them. And probably my favorite feature about this jacket though is the new Blowhole Collar Exhaust. The collar is actually a chafe-free collar as well. But when you have your face mask on, you have your goggles on, you’re sitting on the cherry lift, sometimes your goggles get foggy. With this Blowhole System your goggles won’t get foggy. There’s actually an exhaust system that when you–when you blow out of the collar, it actually moves out of the jacket with ease. It’s a great feature, and if you don’t like foggy goggies, this is going to be a great thing to have. Now, on the inside of the jacket there’s a multi-zone ALS Lining. It’s a nice, soft lining. You can wear a t-shirt, again, if you want, and you can layer it up as well. It has a media pocket that is nice and big, so if you can put your goggles in there. Of course, it’s nice and soft. Or put put your lunch or a bottle of water. And you can slide your headphone’s wires right out the little slip, so your headphone wires are going to be on the inside of the jacket instead of the outside of the jacket. This jacket has a lot of cool features, great fit, lifetime guarantee. The Tronic has a Blowhole Exhaust System. Sig Fit Series, 20,000 millimeters of waterproofing material, 15,000 millimeters of breathable material.

Burton Restricted Druid Snowboard Jacket Review

Burton Druid Snowboard Jacket

The Burton Druid Jacket is part of the Sig Fit Series. It’s not super big and it’s not super, super tight. It’s actually right in the middle. The seams have a little bit longer length than the majority of the Burton line jackets. The 5,000 millimeter waterproof material and the 5,000 millimeter breathable material make this a great overall jacket. It’s not as waterproof as some of the other Burton Jackets, but if you ride in dry conditions, this is going to be a definitely—a great cool-looking jacket with a lot of great features.

This jacket’s part of the Dry Ride Durashell Technology category. That means that there’s an abrasion-free or abrasion-resistant material, and then a membrane right underneath that that has waterproof and breathable materials. Now the Jacket has a lot of cool features of course. It has an articulated hood that is fully adjustable, a chafe-free collar, adjustable cuffs as well, and lots of pockets. So two chest pockets, fully belly pockets that you can enter both on the top and through the sides. They’re fleece lined, which is great, and they also have a keyring. And there’s another thing. A shhhh pocket. That’s right, a hidden pocket that goes right along the seam, and you can hide whatever you want in there—extra change, whatever. On the inside, there’s a lot of cool features as well. Of course, there’s a media pocket that has headphone wire jacks. Your headphone wires aren’t on the outside of your jacket—definitely a cool thing.

The inside of the jacket is well-insulated as well. It’s called the Thermacore. There’s 40 grams of Thermacore throughout this jacket. There’s also taped seams. Now, even though this jacket is somewhat waterproof, on the seams that are stitched together, there’s thousands of little holes. Now, it doesn’t matter how waterproof your jacket is. If it has thousands of holes in it, it’s going to absorb a lot of water. A lot of water is going to get through your jacket. But not with this jacket because it does have taped seams. There’s a jacket to pant interface through the powder skirt. If you like riding powder, well, this is going to be a great year for you. There’s a lot of cool stuff, a lot of media features, a hidden stash pocket, cool colors, lots of pockets, articulated arms, a contoured hood.