2016 K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings – Sneak Peek


K2 Formula Bindings

k2-logo-120-07Driving into the 2016 season with simplicity and comfort is the K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings.  The team favorite for Tim Eddy and Lukas Debari holds its position with an Airlock Highback for feather light seamless energy transfer.  The 3° Canted Footbed fights fatigue and allows for all day comfort on the snow.  Falling in love happens quick with every click of the ratchets just as it should.



2016 K2 Formula Bindings

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2016 K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings – Sneak Peek


K2 Lien AT Bindings

k2-logo-120-07Proper biomechanics are the foundation to correct and consistent movements on a snowboard; that’s why the 2016 K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings are engineered with a foot pressure map, all terrain flex zones, and power transmission pods.  The K2 Lien AT’s all mountain AIRLOCK™ highbacks provide support while the Harshmellow™ offer comfort.  If there’s one binding to get in 2016 for peak to parking lot riding it the K2 Lien AT, and K2 has a Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick Award to prove it.

2016 K2 Lien AT Bindings

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2016 K2 Lien FS Snowboard Bindings – Sneak Peek


K2 Lien FS Bindings

k2-logo-120-07When a snowboard bindings wins the High Cascade Snowboard Camp‘s Camper’s Choice Award it goes to show it can withstand a beating test.  Moving into next season the 2016 K2 Lien FS Snowboard Bindings pick up where they left off, with a proper foot pressure map, all terrain flex zones, and power transmission pods that insure correct biomechanics and consistent flex of the snowboard.  The urethane Tweakback Highback allows for pinpointed pokes.  Comfort is crucial for riders who demand the best and the Lien AT Bindings have it; the Harshmellow™ impregnated ankle strap and Canted Seamless Shockpad Footbeds align for all day satisfaction.

2016 Lien AT Bindings

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Best Flow Snowboard Bindings: M9-SE

The Best of Flow

Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings

Countless factors were examined to determine the best Flow Snowboard Bindings and we finally made our conclusion.  The best Flow Snowboard Bindings are the M9-SE bindings.  The three pillars that assisted our outcome were, price point, technology, riding feel.  With tons of unique technology, a splendid riding feel, and a relatively low price point the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are nearly impossible to matchup.

Sure the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have tons of great technology, but how do they ride?  Like a dream come true.  Flow’s technology is far from a marketing gimmick,  every piece provides a real purpose.  The Original Reclining Hiback (ModBack), Power Triangle, and Hybrid PowerCapStrap give the rider an unfair advantage for ripping around and unmatched comfort found only in Flow bindings.  Flow M9-SE Bindings have three characteristics that other bindings don’t have…

Original Reclining Hiback – The highback reclines fully flat for quickest rear entry on the planet (SpeedEntry).  The Original Reclining Hiback offers riders quick SpeedEntry from the back.  With one hand you can peel the Modback down, slide your foot in, reposition the highback, and lock it it place.  With the Flow’s SpeedEntry you’ll be ready to ride quicker than your friends.
Power Triangle – A steel cable provides optimal energy transfer from the highback to the baseplate.  Getting onto your heelside edge as fast as possible to crucial for your snowboard to perform right.  Flow offers an opportunity for bindings to move with the utmost precision with the connection of a steel cable from the highback to the baseplate.  When you lean back against your highback the steel cable puts the baseplate up.
Hybrid PowerCapStrap – Flow took a new direction by combining one piece Fusion PowerStrap technology with traditional ankle & toe straps to create a new SideEntry masterpiece.  The most distinguishing piece of technology on Flow bindings is the one piece Fusion PowerStrap.  The Fusion PowerStrap securely covers the entire boots and gives the rider no pressure points.  While riding Flow bindings with the Fusion PowerStarp you’ll hardly even notice the bindings are on because of the lack of pressure points.  Riders who grew up with traditional 2 piece straps (Ankle & Toe) now have an option with Flow.  The Flow Hybrid PowerCapStrap offers riders the FEEL of traditional ratcheted straps (SideEntry) with the connivence of rear entry (SpeedEntry).  If you don’t want to use the rear entry option, you can always use the ratcheted Hybid PowerCapStrap.

Besides the three main components listed above, the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have a 2 more things that make them ride so smooth – the ModBack HiBack and the Rockered Baseplates.  The ModBack HiBack combines a strong aluminum alloy heelcup and a softer upper zone piece that easily tweakable.  The aluminum heelcup rises halfway up the highback for great response and the soft upper zone freely flexes for poking out tricks.  Getting the board to flex naturally is one goal of every binding manufacturer; that’s why Flow decided to rock up the corners of the M9-SE Snowboard Bindings.  The Rockered Baseplates offers a stable zone underfoot while allowing the board to flex naturally through rockered baseplate corners.

The Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings feel like traditional strapped bindings with less foot pressure.  They’re easy to get into and out of and they ride like a Ferrari on the snow.  If you want the connivence of the Original Reclining Hiback and the feel of traditional straps the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are the way to go.

Ryan Paul Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Switchback Bindings Ryan Paul Pro Colorway

Of all the Switchback Binding Pro Colorways RP’s is our favorite.  Although the Miami Dolphins haven’t been the same since Dan Marino retired, Ryan Paul is bringing the colors back to life.  Customize your Switchback Bindings and ride the PR Colorway!



Gulli Gudmundsson Pro Colorway – Switchback Bindings

Switchback Gulli Gudmundsson Pro Colorway

Plain and simple can define Gulli Gudmundsson’s Switchback Bindings Pro Colorway.  If you were Gulli how would you customize your bindings?  I see the fire within Gulli burning through a 28″ stance to his bindings.

Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Binding Review



2012 Rome 390 Boss Bindings

Since Last year the Rome 390 Boss have not changed much, however In 2011 Rome added all sorts of new Tech. Including the super comfortable ConFormist 2 toe strap, more EVA padding for and a new base plate. The 390 Boss also include the interchangeable cant pants for those of you who like to ride with a wider stance. All in all these are great bindings for the whole mountain.


  • Yes, I Cant System: 3 interchangeable cant pads for anatomically correct wide stances and different levels of nose and tail power; just another way we give you customization
  • V-Rod baseplate: A narrow footprint diagonally across the baseplate gives natural board flex and tweakability, while still delivering unmatched power to your edges
  • 390 Asym Highback: Lightweight, mid-flexing, anatomically correct support, contoured to the spine of your boot
  • ConFormist 2 Toe Strap: Low-profile over-the-toe or over-the-top strap placement; it’s your choice
  • UnderWrap.2 Heel Hold: Unmatched toe-to-heel power, without unwanted side-to-side stiffness
  • SubBase-V Pad: Anti-vibration technology that enhances board feel
  • The Rome Customization Foundation: Highback rotation; 9Times Ankle Strap Position; Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramps; 0-24 Degree Forward Lean
  • The Rome QuickTech Foundation: AutoStrap; QuickStrap.2 Technology; QuickLock Forward Lean
  • Flex and Feel: 5 out of 10

Burton X-Base Snowboard Bindings

2012 Burton X Base

The Burton X-Base snowboard bindings are finally here! These are the lightest weight binding on the market today. Built with a single component short-glass/nylon composite base plate and a super lightweight single-component carbon composite hi-Back, its a surprise that these binding just don’t float away. Burton was on a mission with these babies. They set out to build the the lightest and strongest binding using the best possible material they could get their hands. And let me tell you what. They did it. The Burton X Base Snowboard bindings are the culminations of all of Burton R&D resources.


  • Flex/Response rating of 7 restricted restricted
  • Carbon Composite Hi back
  • Single Component Short Glass/Nylon Composite Baseplate
  • Reach Straps
  • Gettagrip CapstrapTM
  • Dual Component Smooth Glide Ratchets
  • Removable ThinBEDTM Cushioning system


Rome S90 Snowboard Bindings Review

2011 Rome s90 binding

The Rome S90 binding has become one of the most popular choices for staying attached to your board. Why? Well you don’t need much out of a binding right? Just something to keep you on your board and let you out when it time to hit the lodge. The S90 does all that and more with tons of great options that make them perfect for all types of riding styles. They have just enough flex and responsiveness to take them anywhere.

The straps are the highlight that really has sets Rome apart. On the ankle, the S90 has a contoured strap filled with a cold-resistant gel. It sounds like something straight from the future but rest assured it is a reality— they won’t stiffen up when the temps drop. The toe strap is convertible, so you can wear it old-school or new-school, and it will mold to your toe for a perfect fit. And thanks to Rome SDS tool-free technology you can adjust these bindings just about anywhere.

The base plate rests between two foam shock pad that help to dampen hits when you come up short and reduce the vibration when you flying down the hill at mach 10. When you get these bindings on snow you’ll definitely feel it. The ratchets are smooth and quick. The highback has tool-free forward lean adjustment which makes it quick easy to switch it up for riding in the halfpipe.


S/M for shoe size 6-9 and L-XL for 9-14.

Key Features of the Rome S90 Snowboard Bindings:

  • New Highback: Ample coring for lightness and flexibility
  • Traditional Hybrid Baseplate
  • Contour Ankle Strap: The 3D shape and cold-resistant gel ensure a bio-correct fit with your ankle. Low-profile for greater freedom.
  • ConFormist.1 Toe Strap: Super conforming EVA for the best-fitting, lowest profile toe strap in snowboarding,
  • UnderWrap Heel Hoop: A ton of leverage over both edges with side-to-side freedom; the most powerful of the UnderWrap designs
  • SubBase Pad: Takes the edge off hard landings and reduces vibration
  • Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp: Customized fit to the length and shape of your boot
  • QuickStrap.2 Technology: Tool-free strap length adjustment. Screw screws.
  • QuickLock Forward Lean: Tool-free forward lean adjustment
  • 9Times Ankle Strap Positioning: You decide how much ankle support you want
  • Highback Rotation: 0° to 12° of rotation places power where you like it


Union Force Snowboard Bindings

2012 Union Force Snowboard Bindings

This is the Union Force Binding I’m sure you’ve heard of the Union Force Binding before – it’s the number one selling Union binding for seven years running. Seven years ago Union put the Force into production and it hasn’t stopped since. It’s an all-mountain killer that has constantly evolved and been upgraded throughout those years. The base plate of the Force binding is a Stage 2 DuPont Zytel ST base plate that has a lifetime warranty of course.

There is a couple of additives to these base plates – in the medium/large size there’s a 7% fiberglass additive, and in the extra large size it’s going to have a 14% additive. The cushioning of this Force binding is an injected EVA cushioning system. In the small size the durometer rating is going to be a 55 and the large/extra large size is going to have a 65 – so it’s going to be a little more dense in the larger size sizes and a little bit softer in the smaller sizes.

The high back is the Flight quick adjustment forward lean high back, of course. It has multi-zone flexes as well. It is made out of the DuPont Zytel ST material. It’s going to be a little bit softer on top and gradually gets stiffer on the bottom. There’s actually three zones: the first zone offers 50% strength and 50% flex; the middle zone here offers 75% strength and 25% flex; and the lower section, the bottom flex zone, is going to be 100% strength and zero flex. So the higher up you go in the high back, the more it’s going to flex. The high back also has a classic full-wrap EVA padding as well. The heel loop is an extruded aluminum heel loop that’s actually 30% lighter than traditional aluminum, and this also has a lifetime warranty as well. So if anything goes wrong with the heel loop or the baseplate, Union will exchange it or replace it for free.

The straps of the Force binding are the direct connect straps; there’s multi-layered 3-D tapered ankle straps. This ankle strap is actually a little bit wider on the medial section and gradually tapers off for more comfort on the lateral section. And the toe strap is the new contact open toe strap. You can actually wear it two different ways. You can wear it on top of your foot, traditionally, like this, or in front of your foot, the new way. Both ways will keep your foot down. The new cap toe way will actually keep your heel locked in that heel cup just a little bit longer. Both straps have a length adjuster so you can adjust the length of these straps down the center of your boot. And of course both straps have magnesium injected buckles ,so they’re going to be nice and lightweight. And the universal base plates that go in here work well with the Channel system, 3-D patterns or 4-hole patterns.

Like I said, there’s a lifetime warranty on both the base plate and the heel loop, and the 8.8 grade hardware is pretty much indestructible. On the footbed, of course, is going to be the EVA padding but there’s an accelerator pad that has three different positions as well. So if your feet grow and you don’t want to get new bindings, move that accelerator pad out or move the extruded aluminum heel-cup back and you can definitely do that as well. Nice adjustments all over the place. This is the Union Force – no wonder it’s been around so long and sold so great. It’s a well-rounded binding with constant adjustments. I rode these two years ago, and you know, I might just go back to ’em again!