Team Skateboard Completes


The House Team Skateboard Gear

There is nothing better than getting the skate team together for a little session.  The Little Canada skate park is less than a mile away from The House Boardshop and the the crew is always willing to get some shots.

When you see someone killing it at the park you may wonder what they’re riding, but there is park etiquette;  generally you’ll never ask what other people are skating.  It’s weird.  That’s why you’ll see some of our team skateboard completes below.  Don’t be afraid though, if you ever see Joe and Justin Scherer, Danny Kern or Kenny Peterson at the park feel free to chat them up.  They won’t bite.


Kenny Peterson Complete

Kenny Peterson Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Darkstar Lunker Al 
Trucks:  Thunder
Wheels:  Darkstar Skull Street Formula
Bearings:  Independent Genuine
Hardware:  Independent Phillips
Grip Tape:  Mob


Joe Scherer Complete

Joe Scherer Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Superior I Heart
Trucks:  Krux Downlow LTD
Wheels:  Secret
Bearings:  Element Thriftwood
Hardware:  Diamond Rodrigues Hella Tight
Grip Tape:  Superior Checker


Justin Scherer Complete

Justin Scherer Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Enjoi Whitey Panada
Trucks:  Royal Four Low
Wheels:  Speed Demons Greaser
Bearings:  Loaded Jehu Precision
Hardware:  Speed Demons Allen 
Grip Tape:  Superior Spiral


Danny Kern Complete

Danny Kern Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Darkstar Anagram Al 
Trucks:  Krux Downlow LTD 
Wheels:  Plan B Paul Rodriguez
Bearings:  Shortys Black Panther
Hardware:  Shortys Phillips Lights
Grip Tape:  Mob

Santa Cruz Reissue Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards

There isn’t too many skate companies that have history like Santa Cruz.  That’s why it’s strange to see new companies producing decks with vintage shapes – Santa Cruz on the other hand can reissue what they’ve previously done in past decades with no worries of shifting credibility.

Keith Meek’s Slasher

There has been three Santa Cruz Slasher graphics by Jim Phillips for Keith Meeks.  The first one was release in ’85 and look like it should belong on the side of a sketchy van.  The reissue graphic is from the 86′ Slasher – the best one.

Dimensions: 10.1in x 31.13in
Wheelbase: 15.4 in”
Nose Length: 5.226 in”
Tail Length: 6.3001 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Rob Roskopp’s Roskopp Face

It must be nice for Rob Roskopp to collect royalties from reissued decks he rode 2 decades ago.  The Roskopp Face was actually Rob’s 6th series graphic out of 8 done by Jim Phillips.  If you haven’t seen the Roskopp Face surfboard, it’s worth a minute searching for.

Dimensions: 9.5in x 31in
Wheelbase: 15.355 in”
Nose Length: 4.565 in”
Tail Length: 6.917 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Rob Roskopp’s Roskopp Face 2

There isn’t much history floating around about the Roskopp Face 2 besides it’s release around 88′.  Just by looking at it, you’ll know Acid was a major player in the design for Rob Roskopp’s deck by Jim Phillips.

Dimensions: 9.9in x 30.8in
Wheelbase: 15 in”
Nose Length: 4.9 in”
Tail Length: 6.7 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply


 Christian Hosoi’s Picasso

The Picasso is the best Christian Hosoi graphic by Santa Cruz, period.  Sure the Portrait is wild, the Monk has eastern roots, and the Stained Glass is questionable – nothing beats the Picasso by Jim Phillips.  In recent news, beside the reissue of this deck, Hosoi is out of jail from his Meth trafficking incident in Hawaii and has changed his life for a higher purpose.  No pun intended.

Dimensions: 9.8in x 30.5in
Wheelbase: 15.5 in”
Nose Length: 3.75 in”
Tail Length: 7 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Jason Jessee’s Guadalupe

Rated 24th on Transworld Skateboarding’s 30 Most Influcential Skateboarders of All Time is none other than Jason Jessee.  Most kids under the age of 20 will only know of Jason Jessee for one thing, the AK-47 board; it’s good to see Santa Cruz is reissuing a real deck.  It’s beyond us why they didn’t choose the Sun graphic instead of the Guadalupe (both by Jim Phillips).

Dimensions: 9.9in x 31.8in
Wheelbase: 15 in”
Nose Length: 6.869 in”
Tail Length: 6.233 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Longboards for Beginners and Advanced Riders

Many would consider Loaded Longboard to be the best in the industry. With  fiberglass additive, vertically laminated bamboo and a drop through design, these are the perfect board for those who are looking to take their longboarding skills to the next level.

Check out our inventory of moderately priced longboards from GoldCoastSanta Cruz, Arbor and Sector 9.

Click here to see our full selection of Longboards.

If you are looking for your first longboard or something to cruz around campus with, check out the GoldCoast Rebirth Moon. It has a eco-friendly bamboo construction and the durability of a Mac Truck. The  GoldCoast Rebirth Moon is a reasonably priced longboard that is perfect for anyone looking to get in to the sport.

Key Features of the Gold Coast Rebirth Moon Longboard :

  • 40″ x 9.5″
  • 24″ Wheel Base
  • Kicktail
  •  Bamboo Consturtion
  • Century 7″ Reverse Pivot Trucks
  • 68mm 80a Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Bearings With Teflon
  • GoldCoast Printed Grip Tape

Gravis Fulton Shoes – Product of the Week


Gravis Fulton



Every once and a while you’ll find a hidden gem like the Gravis Fulton on The House Boardshop’s website.  It’s a 50% skate 50% casual winter stomper with a cushioned lycra sock cuff and great tread.  The Gravis Fulton’s price point is unbeatable and there are multiple colorways to choose from.

The Gravis Fulton ties together a great outfit by giving you an edgy skate look without looking like a kid.  From the cubicle to the park the Gravis Fulton’s premium quality leather, lycra sock lining, cushioned footbed, phylon midsole, and textured outsole will keep you well styled like the man you want to be.

Gravis Fulton Colorway Options:

Black Coffee

Bracken Jellybean

Black Leather

Black Liberty

Bracken Cream


Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review

This ladies and gentlemen is the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. It is the design that started it all. It was originally designed for US military fighter pilots in 1937. GQ magazine and Esquire magazine have rated these sunglasses as one of the top things that you should never let out of your wardrobe. Again, timeless style, that make you look good and feel cool. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Go get some.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses