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Columbia Drainmaker Womens Shoes Review


Hi, I’m going to talk today about the Columbia women’s Drainmaker. This is a fantastic shoe, and it looks like a running shoe but it’s not. It’s actually a water hybrid shoe meant to be on the land and in the water. What makes that possible is this tech-lite midsole which is fully drainable. It’s…


Choosing the Best Travel Shoes

Travel SHoes Featured

The Right Travel Footwear The footwear you choose to bring on your travels can truly make or break your trip. Whether travel plans include hiking, extensive touring on foot, water sports, biking, or just casual strolling, wearing the right shoes for your activities of choice is absolutely essential. Having comfortable feet is a luxury we…


Merrell Encore Ice Shoe Review

Merrell Encore Ice Shoes

Welcome to Merrell. Inside out and outside in. A technical guide to Merrell footwear. Today we’ll be talking about the Encore Ice. Hi, I’m Megan, the Merrell North-East tech rep. This is one of my favorite shoes to wear just kicking around, doing some errands, a nice winter shoe to put on in the house….


Columbia Shastalavista Womens Hiking Boots Review


Hi, today I’m going to talk about the women’s Columbia Shastalaviata hiking shoes. This is a fantastic multi-sport shoe for women, and it’s really meant to do a lot of different things in the outdoors. One of the things that makes the shoe so great is this independent suspension in the outsole. No other brand…