Sapient Lumino Pro BMX Bike Review

The Sapient Lumino Pro BMX Bike designed for that beginner to intermediate level street and dirt BMX rider. The high tensile steel frame has a 20.4″ top tube, a chromoly down tube, that is light weight and vey bomb proof. The high tensile steel fork and standard size handle bars are stable in all riding conditions.

The 14mm drop outs offer increased strength & axle width options. The three piece crank set, that’s chromoly as well, offers direct power transfer all the way from the pedals to the 25:9 gear ration sprocket and driver. The wheel set has a 36 hold hub, steel spokes and brass nipples. With a beefed up 14mm rear axle that you can rely on all day.

The 2012 Sapient Lumino BMX Bike is the third additions to the line of Sapient’s of entry level street/trail BMX bikes. But the Lumino is not your standard entry level bike, It has Cromoly Downtube and 25/9 Micro Drive System and its features do not stop there. The Lumino also features Shrapnel Fragment Grips, Shrapnel Fuse Alloy Stem, Shrapnel Baton 175mm 3 Piece Cranks with Cromoly Spindle, 25 Tooth Sprocket, Platform Pedals, Shrapnel Fragment Alloy Rims, and a Shrapnel Fragment 36 Hole Hub set with a 9 tooth driver and a 3/8” axel with a 14mm axel sleeve for extra strength. The Sapient Lumino Bike is as at home on the street as it is on the trails, with its agile but stable geometry and its quality packed components.


Features Of The Sapient Lumion Pro BMX Bike

  • HiTen 8″ Rise Bars
  • CroMoly Downtubes w/20.4″ Top Tube
  • HiTen Forks
  • Shrapnel Fuse Alloy Stem
  • Shrapnel 3 Piece Cranks w/CroMo Spindle
  • Shrapnel Fragment Alloy Rims
  • Shrapnel Fragment 20″ X 2.125″ Tires
  • Steel Pegs (2 PCS)
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • 36.25″ Wheel Base
  • More Info


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