Five Things You Didn't Know About the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is the largest and longest running volunteer conservation project in the world. Volunteers clear the trail, touch up blazes and clear  fallen logs. Ninety-seven percent of the work is run by volunteers. Thousands of volunteers contribute roughly 220,000 hours to the Appalachian Trail every year. Every year, more than 2,000 hikers attempt the Appalachian [...]

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Camping – 5 Things You May Not Have Known

With visions of s'mores, pristine lakes, blue skies, bug free nights and a picture perfect camp site, the idea of camping sounds pretty darn awesome to most people. After perusing through Backpacker magazine, camping blogs and National Park websites, you've mentally prepared yourself for a perfect weekend of camping paradise. Like any outdoor activity, there [...]

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2013 Good Wood Snowboards

When it comes to Snowboard tests and reviews, the TransWorld Good Wood Awards are by far the most recognized and highly anticipated board test of the year. Over a six day period a solid group of 18 riders took Mt Bachelor like fish to water.   The crew of miscreants tested hundreds of the worlds best board and after a long deliberation only a few survived.  The 2013 Good Wood award winning [...]

Best 2015 All-Mountain Snowboards

All-Mountain snowboards typicality share a few key characteristics: Directional Shape and/or Flex, Camber or Hybrid camber profile and a stiffer flex.  All-Mountain snowboards are your perfect quiver killers, built to do it all, these are some of Best Snowboards of 2011/2012 season. The Top 2015 All-Mountain snowboards are in no particular order: 1. Burton Custom Flying V [...]

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Hiking Essentials

The 10 Hiking Essentials The Ten Essentials is nothing new to hikers, backpackers and climbers. It's a list of survival items agreed upon by hiking organizations that's been around since 1930! The Ten Essentials paired with a little common sense will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the wilderness. Remember, this list isn't just [...]

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Car Camping Checklist

You're not alone if you're wondering exactly what cramping entails. Fortunately, it does not involve sleeping in your car. Car camping involves driving to your camp site. Your car might be a dozen or so feet away from your tent or possibly a quarter mile away. The idea behind car camping is that your gear [...]

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Best Backpacks for Hiking

Aside from your hiking shoes, your hiking backpack is the foundation of gear. Whatever the length of your trip, a backpack should always be worn carrying such supplies as water, food, extra clothing, sun screen, camera and a First-Aid kit. If hiking overnight, of course you'll need a tent, sleeping bag and cooking equipment (if [...]

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Best Hiking Boots

Whether it be heading out for a day hike on well-groomed trails or hitting the Appalachian Trail for a few months, having the right hiking boots is crucial to your happiness and comfort. Arguable the most important component of hiking and backpacking, hiking boots provide cushioning, support and shock absorption. Many people find multi-purpose uses [...]

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Camping Food Ideas

  Photo courtesy of Trailtopia Any veteran camper will agree that the food can make or break a camping trip! Peanut butter and jelly is convenient and cheap, but it sure can get boring after a few days. How about spicing things up with veggie burritos or homemade goji berry granola bars? OK, [...]

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