Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

If you love the outdoors, water, and yoga, you are bound to love Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.  Besides taking your practice to a new level, SUP yoga will help you improve your balance, quiet your mind, and get in shape.  Best of all, it will allow you to see the water/world in a whole new way. Whether it's [...]

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Bikepacking with a Fat Bike Infographic

Looking for more of an off-road challenge for your hardy fat bike? Try bikepacking, simply backpacking with a bike. Although bike touring has been around for a while, bikepacking is relatively new on the bike scene. But with a fat bike, the routes can be as challenging as a snowy Iditarod Trail. Part of the challenge, and [...]

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What does Apres-Ski mean? (Infographic)

Maybe it’s the fact we’re just excited about the endless amount of snow this season, but there has been a lot more post-shred merrymaking this year. If you have snow, a means for riding snow, and people willing to imbibe, you have the making of a classic apres-ski. Now you’ll need just a little bit [...]

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Sochi Winter Olympics Infographic

Snow is falling and it’s time we start thinking about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  This year organizers wanted to bring a little more flare to the big show by adding six new events, including the ski half-pipe. Yes, things just got a lot more interesting. Overall there will be 98 events in [...]

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Top Rated Skis 2014

Click Infographic to Enlarge   Super Awesome Radical Skis of 2014 Rossignol Soul 7-- extremely lightweight, maneuverable, versatile all mountain, great for on or off-piste, is a 4 in 1 ski quiver, can do everything a skier wants to do, rocker in tip for float and turn initiation, thick enough waist for float yet not [...]

By | 2013-11-08T00:28:58+00:00 November 8th, 2013|Buying Guide, Ski Tech|0 Comments

2014 Winter Fashion Trends: Color is Back!

In response to last year’s neutrals and muted colors, vibrancy and brilliance are coming back with a vengeance in 2014 for Women’s Outerwear. Clementine Oranges, Blazing Reds, and Yellows are all the rage.  Match them with some Deep Greens and Blues and you have a well-rounded palate.   My eyes would normally pop out of my [...]

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Eco-Friendly Clothing and Snowboarding…

Eco-friendly clothing and snowboarding go together like Vodka and Redbull Much like my favorite Friday night beverage; when snow sports and eco-fashion come together I get pumped!  Fortunately, this energizing combination does not lead me to a Saturday morning filled with regret and stomach ache. What does eco-friendly mean, you ask? It’s simple silly.  Any [...]

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Five Things You May Not Have Known About Mount Hood

Mount Hood is a dormant or "sleeping" volcano with steam constantly spewing from fumarole areas. The eroded volcano has had at least four major eruptive periods during the past 15,000 years, three of which occurred in the last 1,800 years. Twelve glaciers or snow fields live on Mount Hood. Palmer Glacier, home of Timberline Lodge Ski Area, [...]

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