Style Guide: 2014 Women’s Summer Fashion v.1

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Women’s Summer Fashion

It feels great to shed some layers after piling them on throughout winter.  Spring is a transitional season to freshen up a wardrobe and change the pace of life.  This is the first Women’s Style Guide of many installments; enjoy some of our favorite pieces that rolled out recently.

Volcom BOb Marley Hoodie Sweater1. Volcom Bob Marley Hoodie Sweater

Volcom created another perfect piece for those chili summer night with the Bob Marley Hoodie Sweater.  With a loose weave and a heavy drape the hoodie feels like a cocoon of comfort.  Having slightly more length in the arms and an oversized hood with drawstring closures the hoodie is a perfect add on piece.  [PURCHASE]

Ashbury Pychedelic Sunglasses2. Ashbury Psychedelic Sunglasses

If you want Hand Crafted Acetate Frame styling with 100% UVA & UVB Protection look no further than the Ashbury Psychedelic Sunglasses.  Ashbury‘s state of the art Stainless Steel Optic Hinges open and close like a well oiled machine – smooth.  If there’s one thing you should know about the Psychedelic Sunglasses it’s the Carl Zeiss CR-39 Lenses…  [PURCHASE]

Sapient Tiem Spirit Watch3. Sapient Time Spirit Watch

One thing that keeps a professional punctual is a great time piece like the Sapient Time Spirit Watch.  The elegantly legible face features hands powered by Miyota 3 Hand Japanese Quartz Movement.  The Sapient‘s 39mm Wide Case and Non-Scratchable Crystal Glass is held gently against the wrist with a 18mm Wide Silicone Band.  [PURCHASE]

Reef4. Reef Deckhand Shoes

Be the hit of the boat party by looking great and being the most comfortable on the Mattress-Inspired Quilted PU Foam Footbed of the Reef Deckhand Shoes.  The durable Vulcanized Construction and Hemp/Cotton Canvas blend ensures that these shoes can take a beating.  Look great and be comfortable, it’s that simple and that’s what Reef is all about.  [PURCHASE]

Burton Lorimer Denim5. Burton Lorimer Jeans

It feels good finding denim like the Burton Lorimer Jeans.  These Slim Fit jeans run a 33″ Inseasm with a a 12.5″ Leg Opening – they can be paired up with heels, flats, and skateshoes.  Squating is a problem of the past because Burton wove a 98% Cotton 2% Spandex Blend into the Lorimer’s.  The Dark Rinse looks great with everything, especially a smile.     [PURCHASE]

Burton Newport Hat6. Burton Newport Hat

Burton will put their touch on anything and turn it to gold.  That’s exactly what happen when they made their 100% Paper Straw rendition of the Classic Fedora hat with an upturned brim; the paper straw hat turned to gold.  A Polka Dot Fabric Hatband is a bold touch of class and simply put, the Burton Newport Hat is flawless. [PURCHASE]

Style Guide: 2014 Men’s Spring Fashion

Style Guide 2014 Men's Spring Fasion

Men’s Spring Fashion

It feels great to shed some layers after piling them on throughout winter.  Spring is a transitional season to freshen up a wardrobe and change the pace of life.  This is the first Style Guide of many installments; enjoy some of our favorite pieces that rolled out recently.

1 dc-duster-ls-shirt-indigo-11-zoom1. DC Duster Shirt

There are articles of clothing that stand the test of time, one of them is the oxford shirt.  The DC Duster Shirt has a timeless design with a modern approach.  Unlike your father’s casual dress shirts the DC Duster has a slim fit that looks great tucked in or out.  This 100% cotton beauty has a rich indigo color with perfectly contrasting buttons and a button down collar.  It’ll be the most versatile shirt in your collection that you can dress up with a blazer for a date and wear with jeans getting beers with the boys.  [PURCHASE]

1 - volcom-killingit-cap-khki-13-zoom2. Volcom Killing It Cap

Everyone and there mothers know that 5 panel hats are what the cool kids are wearing.  The design has slowly been emerging from the 80’s and the one size fits all adjustable Volcom Killing It Cap is at the forefront of the fight.  The 100% cotton khaki color looks great with a mounted heat embossed leather logo patch.   The best thing about the Volcom Killing it Cap is the fit; it’s flawless – it’s not to deep and not too shallow.  [PURCHASE]

1 - matix-gripper-twill-pants-rust-13-zoom3. Matix Gripper Pants

The slim straight fit of the 5 pocket Matix Gripper Pants is relaxed enough to offer room in thighs and knees while having a slim leg opening that looks great with any footwear.  The detailing of the 98% cotton 2% elastane twill fabric matches the intricate Matix logo placement on the buttons, pockets, and rivets.  Of all the skate lifestyle brands making pants Matix is ahead of the pack with the Gripper Pants by far.  [PURCHASE]

1 - poler-field-pack-grn-13-zoom4. Poler Field Backpack

The simple design of the Poler Field Pack combined with it’s versatility make the bag appealing. The camo colorway’s 1000D Campdura fabric is as abrasion resistant as they come and it’s perfect for urban adventures or deep forest hiking.  The internal soft 420D nylon fabic protectively sports a padded laptop sleeve and whopping of 14.5L of volume.  With fully adjustable shoulder straps (duh), exaggerated zipper, and a drawstring top access flap this Field Pack has a heritage look that stays connected to style were every it ends up.  [PURCHASE]

1-northface-bernalchukka-sh-minkbrwn-brtshkhki-14-1-zoom5. The North Face Bernal Chukka Boots

Trudge through anything on earth with the The North Face Bernal Chukka Boots.  The waterproof full grain leather upper is rugged enough for trekking through wooded trerrain yet refined with simple lines for the city life.  The lightly padded gusseted tongue provides comfort along with the Vibram CHRISTY sole.  The Bernal has a vintage american look that will look great on your feet now and in 20 years.  [PURCHASE]

1 - electric-fw01-nato-watch-whtolv-13-zoom6. Electic FW01 Nato Watch

With a complete rebranding Electric takes a tick into timepieces.  The Electic FW01 Nato Watch is a classic field watch with modern twists and 3 hand Japanese quartz movement.  High contrast between the hands and dial make for easy time telling and the second hand’s lighting bolt shape is a well thought through touch.  The 40mm face is a great size for making a subtle statement to those looking to notice details above and below the water (Water Resistant to 600 ft.).  [PURCHASE]

1 - ashbury-griffin-spanky-sngls-brwntortbrwn-zoom7. Ashbury Griffin Sunglasses

The James Dean cool Ashbury Griffin Sunglasses are a show stopper.  The hand crafted acetate frames cradle the Carl Zeiss CR-39 Lens and provide 100% UVA & UVB protection.  Adjustable nose bridges ensure a proper fit and the stainless steel optical hinges are bombproof.  Look better than you already do and get the Griffins.  [PURCHASE]

1 - stance-sockmonkey-socks-brwn-12-zoom8. Stance Sock Monkey Socks

If there’s one thing that gives confidence in a day it’s the comfort of good socks.  The Stance Sock Monkey Socks will be the best socks in the drawer.  A 80% combed cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% spandex never felt better.  Great socks make a difference and with a deep heel pocket and elastic arch support the Monkey will keep your feet smiling.  [PURCHASE]

SUP Safety Tips

paddleboarding Stand up paddleboarding (check out our selection of SUP here) has become the fastest growing water sport in the world. It’s accessible to most, relatively safe, a good upper body workout, and of course, loads of fun. You can SUP on lakes of all sizes, oceans, rivers and reservoirs. With the rise in popularity, many paddleboarders often forget that being on a paddleboard requires the same safety precautions and vigilance as any other activity in the water. There is never a better time to brush up on some paddleboarding tips and most importantly, water safety practices. First off, every paddle boarder should know that any SUP over 10 feet  in length is considered a vessel when used “beyond the narrow limits of a swimming, surfing or bathing area.” That means that a paddle  board must follow the same rules as any other size boat, from cruise ship to sail boat, in open waters. Paddle boarders must be prepared, alert and follow the same precautions as all other vessels. The first rule is that all stand up paddle boarders must wear a have a life jacket on board. Check out these other important safety guidelines to practice while paddle boarding. Click here for more information about Stand Up Paddleboard regulations.IMG_6931

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Carry a whistle that will work when wet so that you can be heard if you get in trouble.
  • Be a competent swimmer. If you’re not comfortable with your swimming skills, paddle board in swimming areas where the water is shallow.
  • Never paddle further away from the shore than you can swim.
  • Know how to self rescue. If you fall off, simply grab the board with both hands and pull your chest over the board. Then swing your legs around and get back up. Almost any person of any size can perform this maneuver, but practice self rescue before heading out too far.
  • Know how to tow another board.
  • Familiarize yourself with local water rules and regulations.
  • Understand the elements and hazards of the water and nearby coast – winds, tidal ranges, current and terrain.
  • Practice defensive paddle boarding. Do not paddle where you aren’t supposed to be and avoid other swimmers, boaters, paddle boards.
  • Use proper blade angle to be the most efficient paddle boarder.


Stand Up Paddling – Tips and Techniques


While it looks easy enough, it’s important that you know how to properly stand on, paddle and turn your stand up paddle board. Dialing in your SUP paddle technique will ensure the best experience possible on the water. The right skills will allow you to be efficient, safe and to soak up all that paddle boarding has to offer. Remember that it takes time to create new habits with the body, so whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned paddler, keep practicing proper technique until it becomes second nature. You don’t want to slip into bad habits that could lead to danger or cause you to tire quicker.

Stance Basics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s important to maintain proper balance while on the board to maximize your movements and efficiency. You must maintain balance and remain upright on the board.  So always remember to:

  • Keep your head and shoulders steady, relaxed and upright. Shift weight to turn by moving hips.
  • Balance with your hips rather than your upper body
  • Keep your knees bent
  • Don’t look down. Look at the horizon or where you paddling to.
  • Balance becomes easier when the board gains some momentum. It’s like riding a bike. Balancing on a bike that is still or barely moving is extremely challenging.



 Types of Stances

Parallel Stance – Great for beginner paddle boarders and long hauls in flat water

  • Feet should be parallel to one another, about hip width distance apart.
  • Center your feet between the rails (AKA edges). Distribute your body weight evenly between both feet, try not to put too much on the toes or heels.
  • Always keep toes pointing forward and knees slightly bent.
  • Easy to Paddle on both sides of the board
  • Lacks forward and back control

Surf Stance – Great for surfing and quick pivot turns.  

  • Stagger your feet like you are shredding on a surfboard, skateboard, or snowboard.
  • Great forward and back control which is ideal for staying on a wave.
  • Lacks side to side control

Kung Fu Stance – Great for Whitewater paddle boarding and choppy conditions. 

The Kung Fu or Aikido stance offers you the best of both worlds by providing 360 degrees of stability and control.

  • Like the parallel stance you keep you feet parallel to the board.
  • One foot is positioned in front and the other is positioned behind the center point of the board.
  • Ideal for choppy water, whitewater, and entering a surf zone or any time you need additional balance.
  • It is harder to paddle on both sides of the board.

Paddling Stroke

Now that you have the whole balance thing down, it’s time to put your paddle to good use. Stand up paddling is loads more fun when you know how to paddle properly and efficiently. Let’s get started.

  • When paddling on the left, the left hand will be on the shaft (lower), while the right hand will be gripping the T-bar.
  • Push down on the paddle to grip with your top hand.
  • Twist from your torso while keeping your arms straight. Work on using your core (or entire torso) rather than your arms. Abs are much stronger than arms!
  • Reach for the nose of your board, plant the paddle in the water, and completely push the blade below the surface. Pull it back to your ankle then out of the water.
  • To start, keep your strokes fairly short and close alongside the board. Overpowering when you first start out will more than likely lead to poor technique. Start small to become a stronger paddler.
  • Don’t forget to reverse hand positions when you switch sides!

Paddling Turns

There are three basic SUP turns…

  • Sidestroke or forward stroke– Simply paddle on one side until the nose turns in the direction you want to go. To make a right turn, paddle on the left. Want to turn left? Paddle on the right.
  • Backpaddle – To reverse direction or to make a quick turn, drag the paddle or paddle backwards on either side of the board. You’ll feel some resistance and notice that the board will slow down. Form here, you can paddle to which ever direction is desired.
  • Sea (“c”) stroke or sweep stroke– Plant your paddle towards the front of the board and take a long sweeping stroke towards the tail. This is sometimes called a sweep stroke.

Top 5 Sleeping Bags

Best Sleeping Bag Hero

Top 5 Sleeping Bags

What goes into picking out the Top 5 Sleeping Bags?  A lot of sleep.  This great assortment of bags spans a wide range of needs, designs, and of course budgets.  There’s a lot of hype surrounding camping gear these days and we cut through the mud by selected the Top 5 Sleeping Bags that you’ll want most.  Take your time, snuggle in, and browse through the randomly ordered list.


Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Sleeping Bag snuggles into Big Agnes‘ classic series of down bags that offer extreme warmth, tight compressibility, and big comfort.  The Lost Ranger 15’s built in pillow pocket holds a fleece perfectly and the integrated full pad sleeve allows for any 20″ rectangular sleeping pad to be slipped into place – imagine staying on your sleeping pad all night and not slipping off! [PURCHASE]

Temperature Rating:  15° F
Weight:  2 lbs. 14 oz.
Insulation Type:  DownTek – Water Repellant Down – 650 Fill – 14.5 oz.



Eureka Cimarron 15 Sleeping Bag

Eureka Cimarron 15 Sleeping Bag

Fleece Pillow Pocket, yep that’s right – head resting doesn’t get any more comfortable than that.  Eureka‘s ThermaShield synthetic insulation combined with a full zipper draft tube are a few things that attributes to the Cimarron 15’s successful warmth.  The Eureka Cimarron 15 Sleeping Bag is the perfect sleeping bag for under $100.  It weighs slightly more than the rest of the bags on this list, but for the price point it can’t be beat.  [PURCHASE]

Temperature Rating:  15° F
Weight:  4 lbs. 1 oz.
Insulation Type:  ThermaShield Synthetic – 2 lbs. 10 oz.




Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag

Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag

Simply put the Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag is a show stopper.  As an active part of the Kelty TraiLogic Collection the SB 35 Sleeping Bag stays dry 10 times longer, stays warmer by retaining 170% more loft, and dries 33% faster with the incredible 800-fill DriDown insulation.  The Kelty SB 35 Sleeping Bag is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market – it’s a must have for hiking in to a spot.  [PURCHASE]

Temperature Rating:  32° F
Weight:  1 lbs. 9 oz.
Insulation Type:  DriDown – Hydrophobic Down – 800 Fill – 11 oz.




Marmot Trestles Sleeping Bag

Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag

With enough room to swim in the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag is one of the roomiest of the bunch.  With a trapezodial foot box and large entry (full length zip on one side and 1/4 length zip on the other) this Marmot bag is easy to love.  If the Trestles 15 happens to get damp or wet the SpiraFil Synthetic Down will continue to regulate heat and keep the bag warm.  Although its compression size is a little large than most the price point is tough to beat on just a well rounded bag.  [PURCHASE]

Temperature Rating:  15° F
Weight:  3 lbs. 14.25 oz.
Insulation Type:  SpiraFil – Synthetic Down



Mountain Harwear Pinole Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardware – Pinole 20 Sleeping Bag

For a 20° F bag the Mountain Hardware Pinole 20 Sleeping Bag does wonders with warmth because of the offset quilted construction and tailored face gasket.  A trapezoidal footbox, ample shoulder and hip room provides everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars.  Every once and a while a sleeping bag fits just right, and the Mountain Hardware Pinole 20 Sleeping Bag is one of them at a price that amazing.   [PURCHASE]

Temperature Rating:  20° F
Weight:  3 lb. 3 oz.
Insulation Type:  Thermal.Q – Synthetic Down


Best Chino Pants


Burton Chino Pant Hero 1

Burton Chino Pants

Over the last decade, Burton Snowboards has been pushing the envelope of casual clothing by designing softgoods with the snowsports enthusiast in mind.  Taking experience from creating some of the world’s best riding gear, Burton is doing what other snowboard brands wish they could; make great clothes that fit perfect, look great, and wear well.

Burton Chino Pants should be categorized as a khaki pant not as a chino.  Khaki pants have exposed seams, occasionally flap pockets, and tend to be less formal than a chino pant.  Chino pants have hidden seams, flat pockets, tapered legs, and are more formal than khaki pants.  The Burton Chino Pants have a mixture of ingredients from both the khaki and chino pant designs; they have exposed seams, back and hand flap pockets, and slightly tapered legs.

Why are they the best chino pants? Because lounging couldn’t be easier in the street fit and medium rise of the Burton Chino Pants.  Crafted with 100% cotton the chinos can be dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a button down knit shirt.  The Burton Chino Pants can transition from a backyard bbq to a night on the town within seconds.


Benefits of Bike Commuting Infographic

Whether it’s to save money, lose weight, get exercise, or protect the environment, the reasons people bike to work are as varied as the bikes they ride. And people are seeing the benefits. Since 2001, the number of bike commuters has more than doubled, more bike paths are being created, and there is even a bike commuter tax benefit. And there are those of us that don’t need a reason – we just love to ride bikes.

If you’re not sold on bike commuting yet, check out our stunning infographic on the benefits of commuting by bike to work.

Benefits of Bike Commuting – An infographic by the team at The-House

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Benefits of Bike Commuting – An infographic by the team at The-House

Five Things You May Not Have Known About Jackson Hole


  • Jackson Hole offers one of the lowest skier densities (one skier per one-and-one half acres) of any ski resort in the country. On an average day at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort there are only 1,750 skiers skiing on the 2,500 acres of terrain at the ski area.
  • Jackson Hole was originally named Jackson’s Hole for Davey Jackson, a mountain man who trapped in this area during the late 1800’s .”Hole” was a term used in that day to describe a high mountain valley.228_2853
  • The terrain is considered to be some of the most challenging in North America, both in bounds and out of bounds. Jackson Hole has become the home to many of the world’s best free skiers.
  • Corbet’s Coulior is an expert, in-bounds ski slope located at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It is currently rated #4 on the top fifty things for skiers to do before they die. Corbet’s holds an international reputation among expert skiers, and has been described as “America’s scariest ski slope.” While Jackson Hole ski instructor and mountain guide Barry Corbet first spotted the narrow crease of snow shaped like a funnel, it was Lonnie Ball who first skied it in 1967. It was, however, named after Corbet.
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has one of the lowest base elevations of any ski resort area in the Rocky Mountains, at just 6,311 feet.  Most other ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico have base elevations between 6,900 and 9,500 feet.

Jackson Hole Trail Map

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

If you love the outdoors, water, and yoga, you are bound to love Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.  Besides taking your practice to a new level, SUP yoga will help you improve your balance, quiet your mind, and get in shape.  Best of all, it will allow you to see the water/world in a whole new way.

Whether it’s your first time on a board or you’re a seasoned veteran, Paddleboard Yoga will reinvigorate your senses and soul as the sensation of floating is one of the most relaxing activities on Mother Earth. When the water becomes your studio and the paddleboard becomes your mat, new challenges and benefits arise. Check out our Best Stand Up Paddleboards for yoga here.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Infographic – An infographic by the team at The-House
Paddleboarding and Yoga are both fantastic anaerobic exercises and excellent ways to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress. Try SUP yoga today and discover how you can strengthen your body and relax your mind.


Why should you try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga:

  • It’s a great workout
  • Reduces the incessant chatter of the mind
  • Boosts immune system
  • Refines your technique
  • Increase your balance.
  • Develops core musical groups
  • It’s a perfect training activity for Surfers, Skis, Snowboards and any outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Most of all IT’S FUN!

The worst that can happen is that you  fall in…

Shop The House selection of Paddleboards.

Check out our Top 10 SUPs for Stand UP Paddleboard for Yoga.

Bikepacking with a Fat Bike Infographic

Looking for more of an off-road challenge for your hardy fat bike? Try bikepacking, simply backpacking with a bike. Although bike touring has been around for a while, bikepacking is relatively new on the bike scene. But with a fat bike, the routes can be as challenging as a snowy Iditarod Trail. Part of the challenge, and appeal, of this growing sport is the planning—what to pack, how to pack, and where to go. You need to think lightweight. But there is a science to it — everything needs to have a purpose and be compact.

Here is a simple infographic to get your wheels turning on your fat bike adventure.

Bikepacking with a Fat Bike

Bikepacking with a Fat Bike Infographic – An infographic by the team at The-House

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