How to Choose a BMX Bike

Bicycle motocross, or BMX, has been around since disco and bell bottoms. Jumping, racing and pulling BMX stunts is the type of crazy that never truly dies. Designed for tough track riding, BMX bikes excel on dirt, vert, park, street and flatland. Classic BMX bikes have low saddles, chunky tires, durable metal frames and high straight handlebars. On [...]

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Top 5 Things to Do With a Fat Bike

If adventure is your name, you ride a fat bike.  No matter what mother nature serves up, a fat bike can more than likely ride it, taking you deeper, farther, and more extreme. Fat tires are becoming more and more popular on mountain bike trails, cross country ski trails, snowmobile trails, sandy dunes, beaches and even [...]

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How to Become a Snowboard Photographer

Do you love snowboarding? Do you get warm fuzzies when looking at epic snowboarding pictures? If you want to unite your love of both, try your finger at snowboard photography. It’s truly one of only a few professions that embodies the true essence of creative expression and personal style. You’re probably thinking “Hurry up and [...]

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The GRE BC Giveaway – Win $5000 In Gear – Ended

The House has partnered with Team Rider Garrett Russell, SASS Global Travel,, Under Armour, Teton Gravity Research, Marker, and LINE Skis to film an epic 4-part ski web-series beginning August 23 in Bariloche, Argentina entitled: The Garrett Russell Experience: Another Time,  Another Place. Check out @thehouseboardshop on instagram to follow all the action! Congrats to Sean O'Malley [...]

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How To Stay In Shape For Winter Sports

Hopefully that light bulb in your head has gone off like the time you awakened in a cold sweat remembering that school project you had 6 months to complete is due tomorrow. Now that you’ve spent most of your summer lying on the beach, drinking malt beverages and munching on foods that are not part [...]

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SUP Yoga for Beginners It was only a matter of time before yogis (one who practices yoga) took their practice to the paddle board. After all, a stand up paddle board is fairly stable has a grippy surface similar to that of a traditional yoga mat. SUP yoga challenges the yogi to be graceful with their movements [...]

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Best Places to Paddle Board

You don't need a lift ticket, killer set of waves or a season pass to enjoy the growing sport of  Stand Up paddle boarding. All you need is a SUP and a sense of adventure and maybe a swimsuit - there are legit places to rent a board and take a tour at all of the hottest places [...]

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Black Bear Safety Tips Infographic

Before you go camping in bear country, there are a few things that you'll need to know about your potential four-legged guests. First, chill—black bear attacks are not common. In fact, most conflicts between humans and black bears occur when we don’t tidy up our food and garbage or when people approach them to feed them. Don’t [...]

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