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How To: Ollie a Snowboard


It’s one of the most-used and valuable skills in a snowboarder’s quiver, Simply put the ollie is an air where you pop off the snow using only your board and body, versus launching off a terrain feature. It comes in handy for hitting jumps, transitioning on and off rails, and in the halfpipe. Not to…


How To: Pop Off a Roller on a Snowboard


Getting comfortable launching airs off of rollers—natural “kickers” found around the ski area and off the edge of cat tracks—is a big step in transitioning to the bigger jumps in the park. Plus, it turns the ride back to the lift and run-of-the-mill groomers into an all-mountain freestyle experience. The mountain is your terrain park,…


Snowboard Taper, A Tool for Turning


Ever get that burning back leg sensation on a powder day, because you’ve spent every run fighting to keep your nose out of the snow so you don’t go over the ‘bars? Rocker has helped ease the pain, but taper—defined as the difference in width between the tip and tail of the board—makes all the…


What is Snowboard Sidecut?


And why does it matter?


Forum Good Vibes Binding Technology

Screen shot 2010-10-17 at 3.04.44 PM

Like Forum team rider Eric Jackson says, the Good Vibes Binding Technology is all about natural feel. By incorporating the new hinge disk the board is able to bend and move underneath your feet in exactly the way it was meant to. It also means you’re going to feel your board better than you ever…


Review: Armada T-Hall Skis

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Tanner designed these skis as if he had to choose one ski to ride for the rest of his life. The T-Hall’s are built exactly to his specifications—stiffer beneath the boots and softer towards the tip and tail for maximum freestyling capabilities. Butters, tail presses, nose presses, blunts… manipulate this ski however you want, when…


Review: K2 Obsethed Skis 2011


Twin tips are not just for the park and pipe anymore. The new Obsethed ski features more rocker at the tip than tail and camber beneath the boots, plus a wider 117mm waist for ocean-liner float in the deep stuff. The dimensions make it versatile enough for charging big mountains and backcountry zones, yet it…


Snowboard Boot Lacing Systems Untied


The new era of speed-lacing systems for your boots explored and explained.


Burton EST Binding Tech With Danny Davis

Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 10.31.17 PM

If there’s one thing Burton is known for, it’s being one of the few snowboard companies that can successfully reinvent the wheel. Pro Snowboarder and Burton team rider Danny Davis hits the nail on the head describing the benefits of the EST system as opposed to traditional systems. Enhanced board feel, no interruption in the…


New Snowboard Binding Tech Explained


The latest developments in binding technology are as much about simplicity as mechanical magic. Less parts equals less weight, and the faster you can get in and out of your bindings, the more laps you’ll get in on the mountain. That logic drives several companies, including Gnu, Flow, K2 and Ride, to develop quick-draw strap…