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Breaking Down Ski Sidecut


How a ski’s sidecut affects your on-hill performance.


How To Buy the Right Size Skis


In skiing, size matters.


On-Hill Accessories. Putting Together a Legit Kit.


Insurance for an epic day of riding.


Choosing the Best Travel Shoes

Travel SHoes Featured

The Right Travel Footwear The footwear you choose to bring on your travels can truly make or break your trip. Whether travel plans include hiking, extensive touring on foot, water sports, biking, or just casual strolling, wearing the right shoes for your activities of choice is absolutely essential. Having comfortable feet is a luxury we…


Choosing the Best Clothes for Traveling

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Clothes for Traveling Your dream destination is chosen. The tickets are booked. Now comes the part we all dread – packing. Packing for a trip really doesn’t have to be daunting or stressful. With a few considerations in mind and a desire to pack smart, you’ll be geared up with only the right clothing and…


What is “Cant” in a Snowboard Binding?

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Stand over your snowboard. Look down at your bindings. When Canting is applied to a snowboard binding footbed, a small amount of tilt is created by having the footbed higher on the outside of your foot than the inside. It cants your knees inward towards each other, which enables a rider to get more pop…


How to Get Kids Started With Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing Featured

Studies have shown that kids who are regularly exposed to nature and the outdoors are smarter, more cooperative and healthier overall. It’s easy to spend plenty of time outside in the summer, but what about the blustery, short days of winter? Time to snowshoe! It’s is a fun, safe and inexpensive activity that families (and…


How to Start Snowboarding – For Kids

Kids love to have fun. Kids love to be outside. Kids love snow and kids also love to ‘dress up’ in gear. With new technology, great teachers and role models like Shaun White, snowboarding is a very attainable and rewarding sport for children of all ages. Sure, your child will fall into the soft snow…


How To: Build a Quiver of Snowboards


In a perfect world, you’ve got multiple snowboards, and each one is specialized for different conditions and terrain. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a fistful of boards at once, but as you collect boards over the years, think about the various components of the perfect quiver.


Traveling Checklist: The Preparation

Unless you are an experienced traveller, many people over look the other tasks that should be handled prior to your trip until they learn the hard way. The mail man will be quite upset if you mailbox is jammed full after a week of neglected newspapers and letter. Your credit card company will ‘protect’ you…