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How to Purify Water in the Wilderness


  Safe Drinking Water Water is heavy to carry in your pack, especially if you’re planning a multi-day trek in the wilderness. Knowledge is key. Is it a heavily travelled trail? Are there campsites nearby? Have you seen hikers with dogs? Are there farms nearby? There are still many pristine places on our planet, especially…


Finding the Right Snowboard Flex


Get out your flex meter and find out what stiffness fits your style of riding before buying a snowboard


What is a Splitboard?


There’s nothing more entertaining than standing at a backcountry trailhead and having someone walk by, stop, and ask, “Is that thar one of them splitboards?” While splitboards have been around for a decade or more, they have remained largely out of the mainstream until the last couple years. Teton Gravity Research’s new Film “Deeper”, which…


Burton’s Shrinkage Boot Technology Explained


If you ride boots bigger than size 10, you are typically limited to boards with wider waists to avoid toe drag. Burton has reached the point where many of its boots’ footprint is now a full size smaller. For example, a size 10.5 now has the profile of a 9.5, and you can fit into…


Choosing the Right Base Layer Clothing

Long underwear has been a household name for decades. However, it’s come a long way in terms of popularity, materials used, durability and performance. These day, long underwear is also known as base layer, first layer or performance underwear. Since base layers are worn directly against the skin, it’s imperative that it’s soft and has…


Breaking Down Ski Sidecut


How a ski’s sidecut affects your on-hill performance.


Choosing the Best Travel Shoes

Travel SHoes Featured

The Right Travel Footwear The footwear you choose to bring on your travels can truly make or break your trip. Whether travel plans include hiking, extensive touring on foot, water sports, biking, or just casual strolling, wearing the right shoes for your activities of choice is absolutely essential. Having comfortable feet is a luxury we…


Choosing the Best Clothes for Traveling

Travel Featured

Clothes for Traveling Your dream destination is chosen. The tickets are booked. Now comes the part we all dread – packing. Packing for a trip really doesn’t have to be daunting or stressful. With a few considerations in mind and a desire to pack smart, you’ll be geared up with only the right clothing and…