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How To Buy Goggles

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Goggles are a necessity on the slopes that will keep you from tearing up from the wind at higher speeds and protect you against any kind of tree branches or other elements. There are a lot of options out there and there are some important features to be aware of when looking to make a…


How To Buy a Snowboard Jacket

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3 in 1 Jackets A liner jacket will come from the manufacturer with either a separate lining jacket or a vest. The components of the liner will vary depending on the brand name or make of the jacket. Some will have a fleece liner, some will be a track-style jacket and some will even have…


How To Buy Mittens & Gloves

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It will be important to have a good pair of gloves while riding. Your hands will have a high chance of getting wet from strapping in and standing up or sitting down so it is important to have a pair of gloves that will be water proof. Your gloves will also need to be really…


How To Buy a Wakeboard

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When purchasing a wakeboard there are four important things to focus on: how to size it, the construction, the shape and fins. Sizing- The general rule of thumb is to correspond the size of your board to your body size. For example, if you are a small person you should get a small board, and…


How To Buy Ski Goggles

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Ski Goggles are meant to protect your eyes and keep your vision clear when you’re out on the mountain.  When deciding which goggles to buy you should be sure that they will do that comfortably, but also consider how they fit on your face and with your helmet.  Here are a few things to consider:…