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How to Buy Snowboard Boots

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How to buy Snowboard Boots Snowboard boots can be the most important part of a snowboard set up. Even if a snowboarder has a top of the line board and expensive bindings, if the boots aren’t comfortable they aren’t going to have a very fun ride. The best return on investment from snowboarding is going…


How To Detune a Snowboard

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A lot of freestyle riders will want to detune their edges to prevent them from catching on rails and boxes. Most freestyle boards will come from the factory already detuned as part of their finishing process. But in case they aren’t there are a few tips to be aware of before taking a file to…


How to Wax and Tune a Snowboard

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Waxing and tuning a snowboard is essential to the performance you will get out of it. If you don’t wax your snowboard before going to ride you are just cutting yourself short. Tuning includes waxing, sharpening the edges and a few other things. To tune the board first take off the bindings. This will make the…


How To Buy Wakeboard Bindings

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Bindings are a very important piece of equipment when finding the optimal wakeboarding gear.  Not having the correct bindings could ruin a perfect day on the lake by making the ride very uncomfortable and frustrating. It is vital that when looking to buy bindings to find the right fit, style, and functionality that is conducive…


How To Buy Snowboard Accessories

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There are a lot of accessories that go along with snowboard gear and all of them are meant to make your ride a little better. These can include things like stomp pads, leashes and tuning equipment. To make sure that each of the accessories is going to do what it was meant to do, the…


How To Mount a Stomp Pad & Leash

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Leashes and a stomp pads are not essential to every snowboarder but they can be very beneficial, and to mount them on the board is very simple. A leash’s purpose is to attach the rider to the board just in case the board should come detached from the rider.The leash will prevent the board from…


How To Buy Snowboard Pants

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When buying snowboard pants you are generally going to follow the same rules as buying a jacket. When buying pants it is important to pay attention to the insulation value. Pants will have less insulation options than jackets, but there are still varying differences to be aware of. The main reason for this is because…


How To Buy Snowboard Bindings


The bindings are a critical part of how comfortable a snowboarder is going to be riding and they will greatly affect the rider’s performance. When buying bindings there are three basic things you will want to look for; they need to be durable, they need to be comfortable, and they need to be easy to…


How To Buy Ski Poles


When going skiing, it is important for your safety and enjoyment to make sure that you always have the right equipment, which is why selecting the proper ski pole is essential. In order to make sure you buy the pole that is right for you, there are four factors that you must consider: material, length,…


How To Buy a Snow Helmet

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[youtube=] The best way to avoid serious injuries snowboarding is to wear a helmet. Helmets are a great piece of equipment to have, especially for freestyle riders or beginners. Some of the most common injuries in snowboarding are to the wrists and head. There can be some variations between helmets so it is important to…