Industry Insider: Ride Snowboards

Mike Oelkers recently made a transition to Ride Snowboards 2 years ago and has loved every part of it.  Being in the industry for 21 years Mike knows the ins and outs of staying on top of his game.  Mike is one of the guys that makes the Midwest scene so great.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Mike wrote a novel because of the way he chooses his words and tells stories.

Although the Midwest doesn’t offer much more than 500 ft. of vertical terrain Mike charges hard daily at Hyland Hills Ski and Snowboard Area like it’s Mammoth Mountain.  Mike’s big grin and likable laugh are a joy to be around and he’s always pumped about the new gear Ride Snowboards is tossing into the market.  If you’re looking for a sponsor, keep pushing it, Mike is out there looking for you.

1.  Ride Snowboards – Buckwild Snowboard

2.  Ride Snowboards – Flight Boot

3.  Ride Snowboards – Capo Binding


Industry Insider: Burton Snowboards


Jayson Henderson started snowboarding 26 years ago and still loves it as much now as he did back then.  Technology has changed for the better, and Jayson doesn’t have to ride a Burton Elite with Sorrel Boots anymore.

Jayson has been a Sales Rep for Burton Snowboards for 9 years and it shows in his clinic presentation.  Jayson is beyond well spoken and can can guide you through the Burton Snowboards product line like the breeze.  Working closely with Matt Hoffman and Keith Lipski, also Burton Snowboards Midwest Reps, Jayson travels a 9 state region throughout the year.  When he’s not blasting around on his skateboard or cruising the hill Jayson is laying down turns racing his motorcycle.

I’m sure Jayson feels blessed to work with Burton Snowboards, one of the oldest companies in the industry.  Burton Snowboards, a garage startup company established in 1977, has always been rider owned and operated.  Burton Snowboards has done tremendous things for the industry; built the Chill program  a community based program designed to give underprivileged children the opportunity to ride, created the world’s best rider focused snowboard contest the  Burton Global Open Series, started the Learn To Ride program that assists new riders in learning new skills, and of course has been the leading innovator in snowboard technology with the help of the new Craig’s Proto Facility.

It’s always great to have Jayson at the shop.  His positive energy and enthusiasm about new Burton Snowboards product are always running on high.  When you see him riding, try to stump him with a snowboard tech question, watch his face lightup, and you’ll get a perfect answer.

1.  Burton Snowboards – Imperial Boot

2.  Burton Snowboards – Process Snowboard

3.  Burton Snowboards – Barracuda Snowboard

4.  Burton Snowboards – Diode Binding


Product of the Week: Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One

Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One Pintail Cruzer

The Santa Cruz and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) collaboration might be the best thing in the universe. Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI intends for it’s products to be purchased and enjoyed by people of legal purchase age, but not this one!

Inlaid Bottle Opener

The Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One Pintail Cruzer rides like a dream and makes onlookers drunk with envy.  Glide with style on the Bullet B120 Cutback trucks, 68mm Road Rider “Eights” wheels, and clear grip tape the classic PBR logo metallic ink logo flows through.  Be the first on your block to cruise with grace on this 9.9″x43.5″ beauty!  When you’re done thrashing, flip the board over and pry off a cap of PBR with the inlaid bottle opener.  Remember to ride this board with the same amount of pride you fly Old Glory with. s

Nike Snowboard Boots Review


The House Boardshop carries 3 different styles of Nike Snowboard Boots this season; 2 for men (Vapen & Zoom Force 1) and 1 for women (Vapen).  All of the Nike Snowboard Boots have great qualities depending your preferred riding style.  From the park to pow these boots give can the support you need and comfort you want.

Nike Outsole

The Vapen and Zoom Force 1’s ultra low profile outsole offer great board feel and outstanding grip.  The outsoles of Nike Snowboard Boots look cool and ride even better because of the vice grip tread inspired by the Air Force 1 basketball shoe.

Nike Vapen

Although each boots midsoles vary slightly, these Nike Snowboard Boots have exceptional Phylon midsole cushioning along with individual additions.  The Vapen’s Polyurethane (PU) heel cushioning is pillow soft and the Zoom Force 1 Zoom Air heel technology makes harsh landings feel soft.  If you want a Cadillac type ride, look no further, because these boots are cush!

Nike Zoom Force 1


With lateral and medial structure the Vapen and Zoom Force 1 provide carving support and jib functionality for you to be the best rider at your mountain.  The full length internal backstay, neoprene flex notch, and 3D molded tongue in the Vapen give the boot fantastic rebound properties.  Power Straps and lace lock hardware on the Air Force 1 tighten with a simple tug for a custom fit.  With uber high end waterproof sythetic leather uppers these Nike Snowboard Boots will keep your little piggies warm and dry.

Zoom Force 1 Heel Harness & Warming Blanket Stroble Technology

Nike Snowboard Boot liners are re-heat moldable.  You can heat mold liners, and then re-heat mold the liners again if you’d like.  Underneath each liner on top of the midsole and in the shell walls the Vapen and Zoom Force 1’s have Warming Blanket Stroble Technology that keeps your body’s heat inside the boot and the cold weather out.

Vapen Liner

The Vapen’s Polyethylene (PE) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) padded liner has an attached Roman sandal inspired lacing instead of a Baxa internal lace harness system like the Zoom Force 1‘s upper has that the PE/EVA liner slides into.  Both Nike Snowboard Boots liner laces have a simple lace lock pull system that guarantees a snug heel hold during those maximum velocity toe edge turns.

Zoom Force 1 Liner

The Zoom Force 1 has a beefed up liner with a Outlast treated sockliner, Poron cushioning, a power strap that offers a firm fit on top of the liner, and added support material on both the medial and lateral sides.  Neoprene toe boxes in these Nike Snowboard Boots won’t let your toenails crack when landing land on hard pack snow conditions.

Zoom Force 1 Lace Lock Hardware

Traditional lacing systems can be found on these Nike Snowboard Boots.  The Vapen has webbing loops and The Zoom Force 1’s perfect fit can be attributed to the lace locking hardware located in the transition zone for the upper and lower portions of the boot.

Nike Footbed

Nike has dumped more than enough money into R&D and the product of their ideas has been welcomed by the snowboard industry with open arms.  Get on that train and check out some Nike Snowboard Boots because the best has yet to come.


Industry Insider: Forum Snowboards


Steve Wickner has always been hungry. Early in life Steve devoured the appetizers of the Minneapolis skate and USASA National contest scenes, and now has found his fill in Forum Snowboards.

Everyone who rode through the 90’s remembers the startup of Forum Snowboards in 1996, and the team that dominated everything, the Forum 8.  Some mastermind put JP, Line, Malmi, Jones, Yli-Luoma, Bjorn, Walsh, and Dufficy all on Forum Snowboards.  They were the boy band of the snowboard world, and soon after that, around 2000, Wickner went from being a sub rep to the Midwest Forum Snowboards rep.  Steve has been eating it up ever since.

Forum Snowboards push graphics, designed by JDK, beyond the plate.  The board’s graphics are spicy as every this season.  Check out the Destroyer series and look closely at the hand written letters of Death Row inmates that blend into the background.  The electric chairs on the deck put to rest the authors of the creepy letters.  That’s the kind of story and background Forum puts into their graphics, not many companies go that far.  Forum sells more than snowboards, they sell stories, and a lifestyle.  “The Destroyer is probably my number one pick this season for too many reasons to mention.” -Steve Wickner

Forum’s freestyle oriented boards catch the attention of park rats and urban dwellers of all abilities across the globe.  No matter where you go, you’ll see a grom or an OG like Steve thrashing around like that day is their last.  Be a part of a story bigger than yourself, and ride Forum Snowboards.

1.  Forum Snowboards – Youngbloods Doubledog

2.  Forum Snowboards – Holy Moly

3.  Forum Snowboards – Contract

4.  Forum Snowboards – Manual

5.  Forum Snowboards – Recon


Snowboard Video Premiere: The Art of Flight

A lot of people fell into the hype of The Art of Flight.  There is a lot more to the Red Bull Media House’s film than the traditionally average snowboard video.  Everyone who doesn’t live a snowboarding lifestyle has now seen a glimpse of it.  The riding, editing, and overall delivery blows all other movies away.

The Art of Flight was released a few weeks early on itunes and snowboard fanatics everywhere had already seen it before the movie’s world premiere.  Was it epic the first time you saw it?  Yes.  Was is better the second time around?  Sure.  Logistics and production were Curt Moran, of Brain Farm, and Travis Rice’s biggest challenges while filming The Art of Flight.  With the same goal in mind, Curt and Travis were able to produce a mind blowing experience of a movie that blew their last films The Community Project and That’s It That’s All out of the water.

Weekend Warriors now have insight into how real snowboards think, feel, and act.  You can rest assured knowing the posers don’t have the heart and soul of snowboarding beating inside them; whispering or yelling at them to drop faster, launch harder, push further, and reach beyond their comfort zone.

Be glad for The Art of Flight.  Be glad that it allows the world to see our secrets and helps them realize snowboarding is more than a series of tricks.  The Art of Flight puts it’s viewers into the bodies of some of the greatest snowboarders in history.  Could you feel their pain and joy?  Yes.  With an outstanding sound track, breathtaking views, and clips that are like 3,000,000,000,000 frames a second, the explosive climax chews you up and spits you out.  When you watch The Art of Flight again, let it absorb you and take you into the heart and soul of snowboarding, let it embrace you and put you on a path of unexplainable joy, frustration, desire, and love.




Snowboard Video Premiere: Burton – Standing Sideways

With great anticipation Minneapolis welcomed Burton’s free Standing Sideways video premiere at The Southern Theater.  Despite the horrific rush hour traffic and torrential downpour the doors opened at 6:00PM with a gang of local riders, industry peeps, and parents.

Burton Snowboards’ Jeremy Jones, Keegan Valakia, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Mikey Rencz, and Charles Reid signed autographs for their frantic fans until everyone had wide smiles. The beats of DJ Booka B thumped while attendees texted Burton Snowboards for a chance to win a signed Monkey Wrench deck.  The Midwest Represent Burton Snowboards posse, Matt Hoffman, Jayson Hederson, and Keith Lipski pulled all the riders together for an exclusive House Boardshop giveaway (Autographed Burton TWC Division Snowboard Jacket) that Will Betts of Chanhassen, MN won.

Bursting out from the cave of hibernation, the spirit of snowboarding awoke in everyone watching Standing Sideways.  All eyes where glued to the screen with long clap sessions and whooping hoots for the riders hitting massive features.  The urban gaps, gnarly rails, steep faces, perfectly cut pipes, ridiculously large step-downs, and deep backcountry booters were shot from so many angles half the crowd was having uncontrollable seizures like spasms.  Burton Snowboards revealed that their riders have raised the bar of snowboarding, again.

Kazu Kokubo opened Standing Sideways with an unreal amount of talent showcasing all around skills and the most beautiful Method since God knows when.  Gliding through steeps Terje Haakonsen made the crowd sit in silent awe until the end of his part.  The tough Midwest jib crowd chose not to clap if rail tricks could have been pretzel out of, but Wisconsin’s Ethan Deiss put that trend to rest.  Closing Standing Sideways was Jussi Oksanen showing the world he’s still on top of his game.

Wrapping up the Standing Sideways premiere Burton tossed out heaps of product and threw a great afterparty.  This video definitely will give The Art Of Flight a run for its money. Despite the fantastic riding, we were left wondering where the female rider’s parts were.  The snowboarding itch has finally surfaced and Standing Sideways gave relief letting everyone know the season has begun.

Snowboard Video Premiere: You Know My Function

You Know My Function’s video premiere at Famous Daves in Calhoun Square in South Minneapolis was a blast!  Brett Spurr and Sam Duncan together with help of The House Boardshop, Yo Beat, Banshee Bungee, and Bern Helmets they were able to pull off a fun and exciting movie, highlighting some Minnesota hometown heros.

You Know My Function was definitely a crowd pleasing event.  Brett and Sam gave out 300 free copies of the 19 minute 12 second You Know My Function film.  If you were lucky enough to snag one, enjoy it because they were all gone soon after the doors opened for the show.

You Know My Function has mostly technical jib shots and music that spans from hard rap to oldies.  If you like rewinding and slow mo-ing snowboard movies, You Know My Function is for you.  Jordan Daniels has a banger last part, and everyone involved killed it.

Here are a few highlights from You Know My Function film in order of appearance:

Collin Wilson – 30 stair Front Blunt 270 & Nollie Back Lip Back 270 out of a kink

Jake Moorer – Backside 50-50 kink Back 3 out

Jeffy Gabrick – Frontside 50-50 double kink against a chain link

Al Binder – Back 3 off a long up tree jib & Winter Waterslide

Josh Boeser – Stail Bombdrop gap (TWS Cover Quality)

Cole Linzmeyer – Switch Nollie Frontside Tail Press 20 stair & Front Lip double kink

Justin Fronius – Pillow drop & Back 3 pillow cliff drop

Ethan Deiss – Front 270 wall ride gap

Vanessa Moore – 50-50 up rail Front 180 out

Scott Rutherford – Back Board double kink Front 270 off donkey dick

Kent Leng – Front 180 kink gap to Switch Tail Press

Matt Melo – Frontside 50-50 double kink rail Front 3 off flat over down

George Miller – 20 stair Bombdrop

Aiden Flanagan – Frontside 50-50 Back 180 wall transfer & Front Board curve rail Pretzel 270 off donkey dick

Gabby Maiden – Back Nose huge cement ledge

Joey Peterson – Nollie Back Lip something something something sick

Head Wrap (?) – Front Lip 270 out

Mike Casanova – Frontside 50-50 to Front 270 mini gap Switch Front Board

Erik Overson – High speed Back Board through double kink donkey dick

Jon Overson – Front 270  continuous 270 out

Shane Hoschette – Frontside 50-50 double kink Front 3 off donkey dick

Andy Glader – Gap to Frontside 50-50

Pat Campanaro – Frontside Tail Press to Front 90 sparky landing wedge transfer

Blake Rhodes Reid – Back Nose

Jordan Emerson – Back Board wood crate landing Nollie Front Flip retaining wall

Cullen Bernklau – Big Front Lip gap to down

Sam Bakken – Front 180 to Switch 50-50 double kink donkey dick

Aaron Becker – Back 3 gap to wood down handrail

Jesse Paul – Frontside 50-50 through kink gap off lat Front 3 to 50-50 down

Todd Kirby – Alley-Oop Front 7 Mute spine

Eli McElwain – Cab 270 Front Board ledge drop & Frontside Tail Press long kink

Jordan Daniels – Front 180 to Switch 50-50 Back 3 out, Back Lip double kink donkey dick, & Back 3 Tail gap over chain link and 4 retaining walls





Employee Profile: Sai



Name:  Sai

Position:  Showroom Sales Guy

Years of Employment:  1 Year

Years Ridings:  13 Years

Favorite Trick:  Any 3 trick rail combo…spin onto the rail, spin on the rail, and then spin off of the rail.  I love that.

Favorite Rider:  Shane Weber.  Scotty Whitlake and Terje Haakenson tie for a close second.

Current Set-Up

Board:  Rossignol – JDUB

Boots:  Burton – Sabbath

Bindings:  Burton – Prophecy

Why are you psyched on your gear?

My Rossingol JDub snowboard lets me stay on a cambered board (my preference) and floats like a boat in powder.  The Burton Prophecy bindings give great board feel and have the perfect flex.  As for the Burton Sabbath boots, well, they’re epic.

“Let’s get weird.”  – Sai



Industry Insider: Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings


Johan Malkoski and Emmet Klocker from Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings are big.  Each Standing close to 6’3″ and weighing in around 200 lbs. of twisted steel with sex appeal, both have a great physical presences.  Put these huge Defenders of Awesome in a room and they will entertain any crowd like a three ring circus.

With ringmaster pizzaz, Joahn, who’s often offensive and distinctly sincere, knows truth and stands confidently on the platform of his words.  Combining the tools of education and experience needed to use them, Johan has blazed a path into center stage of the snowboarding industry.  Leaving his Drake, Northwave, and Bakoda Sales Manger position to help start, with other ex-NW partners, what is now known as C3 Worldwide (Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, & Coal Headwear), the industry can do nothing but marvel at the show of creations.

Emmet is a soft spoken traveling entertainer who tours the Midwest repping Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, Coal Headwear, Volcom Clothing, Electric Eyewear, and Celtek Gloves.  When he’s not introducing riders like Dan Briesse to the world he can be found cooking in his beautiful home.

The greatest things about Johan and Emmet is they build relationships with shops and every employee; it took close to 30 minutes to drag them off of the sales floor and into the photo room for the shot below.  Johan and Emmet were more concerned with getting to know every House employee than projecting an image of who they want people to think they are.  Real dudes.

“A buddy gave me some great advice a long time ago that if you want to fly with the owls at night, you better be able to soar with the eagles in the morning.”  -Johan Malkoski

1. Capita Snowboards – Space Metal Fantasy

2.  Union Bindings – Contact Pro

3.  Union Bindings – Force

4.  Capita Snowboards- Totally Fk’n Awesome