Industry Insider: Ride Snowboards

Mike Head

Mike Oelkers recently made a transition to Ride Snowboards 2 years ago and has loved every part of it.  Being in the industry for 21 years Mike knows the ins and outs of staying on top of his game.  Mike is one of the guys that makes the Midwest scene so great.  We wouldn’t be…


Industry Insider: Burton Snowboards


  Jayson Henderson started snowboarding 26 years ago and still loves it as much now as he did back then.  Technology has changed for the better, and Jayson doesn’t have to ride a Burton Elite with Sorrel Boots anymore. Jayson has been a Sales Rep for Burton Snowboards for 9 years and it shows in…


Product of the Week: Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One

Product of the Week Featured Logo

Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One Pintail Cruzer The Santa Cruz and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) collaboration might be the best thing in the universe. Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI intends for it’s products to be purchased and enjoyed by people of legal purchase age, but not this one! The Santa Cruz PBC PBR…


Nike Snowboard Boots Review


  The House Boardshop carries 3 different styles of Nike Snowboard Boots this season; 2 for men (Vapen & Zoom Force 1) and 1 for women (Vapen).  All of the Nike Snowboard Boots have great qualities depending your preferred riding style.  From the park to pow these boots give can the support you need and…


Industry Insider: Forum Snowboards

Steve Head

  Steve Wickner has always been hungry. Early in life Steve devoured the appetizers of the Minneapolis skate and USASA National contest scenes, and now has found his fill in Forum Snowboards. Everyone who rode through the 90’s remembers the startup of Forum Snowboards in 1996, and the team that dominated everything, the Forum 8….


Snowboard Video Premiere: The Art of Flight

Bro Fest

A lot of people fell into the hype of The Art of Flight.  There is a lot more to the Red Bull Media House’s film than the traditionally average snowboard video.  Everyone who doesn’t live a snowboarding lifestyle has now seen a glimpse of it.  The riding, editing, and overall delivery blows all other movies…


Snowboard Video Premiere: Burton – Standing Sideways

Burton Standing Sideways

With great anticipation Minneapolis welcomed Burton’s free Standing Sideways video premiere at The Southern Theater.  Despite the horrific rush hour traffic and torrential downpour the doors opened at 6:00PM with a gang of local riders, industry peeps, and parents. Burton Snowboards’ Jeremy Jones, Keegan Valakia, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Mikey Rencz, and Charles Reid signed autographs…


Snowboard Video Premiere: You Know My Function


You Know My Function’s video premiere at Famous Daves in Calhoun Square in South Minneapolis was a blast!  Brett Spurr and Sam Duncan together with help of The House Boardshop, Yo Beat, Banshee Bungee, and Bern Helmets they were able to pull off a fun and exciting movie, highlighting some Minnesota hometown heros. You Know…


Employee Profile: Sai


    Name:  Sai Position:  Showroom Sales Guy Years of Employment:  1 Year Years Ridings:  13 Years Favorite Trick:  Any 3 trick rail combo…spin onto the rail, spin on the rail, and then spin off of the rail.  I love that. Favorite Rider:  Shane Weber.  Scotty Whitlake and Terje Haakenson tie for a close second….


Industry Insider: Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings

Johan & Emmet

  Johan Malkoski and Emmet Klocker from Capita Snowboards & Union Bindings are big.  Each Standing close to 6’3″ and weighing in around 200 lbs. of twisted steel with sex appeal, both have a great physical presences.  Put these huge Defenders of Awesome in a room and they will entertain any crowd like a three…