Hunger Games Shirts

Hunger Games Shirts Featured

Hunger Games Shirts Don’t lie, you read the Hunger Games trilogy.  You also dresses up and camped out 3 days in advance for the Hunger Games movie premier.  As a snowboarder you feel the need to stay “core” all while showing support for your Hunger Games crushes; Peeta and Gale. Whomever you choose, the Hunger…


Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam

Garrett Benny Featured

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie & Benny Milam Garrett McKenzie and Benny Milam are the two kids you see at your local park that kill it and make you want to either quit or work harder.  This little posse of two travel the nation in search of the best contests and park setups.  There are…


History of Skullcandy


One of the coolest things about Skullcandy is just that it was founded by Rick Alden, on a chairlift in Park City, Utah. He was taking a phone call. He’s got his music on one side, he’s gotta turn that off. He’s gotta find his phone and dig out that on the other side, and…


2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard Review

Ride Buckwild Featured

2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard The 2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard is the go to deck for the 2012 Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Champion, Sebastien Toutant.  The Pop Rods® 2.0, Slimewalls®, and Carbon Array 3 combination adds a smooth feel and unreal pop.  The Ride Buckwild creates fluid lines and has massive pop that you’ll never forget….


Travis Rice Jacket – Quiksilver Aspect Jackets

Jacket 2 Featured

  Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket Everyone needs a puffy coat.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Tahiti, you need one.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice Aspect Jacket just might be the exact puffy that everyone on the face of the planet should be wearing. The 100% Polyester Mélange fabric is the Chuck Norris of…


Travis Rice Pant – Quiksilver Shadow Pants

Pant Featured

  Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Shadow Pant The Quiksilver Travis Rice Shadow Pant will do anything but cast shadows.  These pants are a beaming ray of light that shine upon those lost in the darkness of useless technology. The Diamond Dobby liner creates airflow channels that keep you dry and warm.  Every once and a…


Travis Rice Jacket – Quiksilver Symbol Jackets

Jacket 1 Featured

  Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket The Quiksilver Travis Rice Symbol Jacket may be one of the most technical jackets of 2013.  The Pop Top hood transforms to fit over a helmet in a zip of time and the Gore-Tex, well, you know… Scott Serfas, a Vancouver based photographer, traveled with Travis Rice on…


Travis Rice Gloves – Quiksilver Square Mitts

Glove Featured

  Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Square Mitt The Quiksilver Travis Rice Square Mitt is a beast of its own.  Part mitten, part glove – the Square Mitt will help you grip your board and reality in harsh conditions. The removable soft shell glove slides into the trigger finger mitt with ease, and the unicorn leather…


Travis Rice Base Layer – Quiksilver Cityscape Base Layers

Base Featured

  Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Cityscape Base Layer The Quiksilver Cityscape Travis Rice Base Layer is designed for riding and hanging out at the bar.  Slay the backcountry and roam down to the local watering hole without looking like you sleep in your car. This 100% Polyester Oxford is soft on your skin and dries…


Switchback Bindings – Construction

Switchback Bindings – Construction