Rider Bio: Viktor Simco

Viktor Simco

It takes a lot to be Viktor Simco.  Imagine growing up as a skate kid in Texas and then moving to Minnesota.  Seeing snow for the first time and feeling an air temperature below 50° must have been shocking, but Viktor handled it well.  He took his skate skills and transitioned (no pun intended) it right into snowboarding.  Where do you think all of his style comes from?

Yeah Vik!

Viktor Simco Does It Right – Photo by Sean Kerrick Sullivan

For the last 13 seasons Viktor has called a few resorts home; Mont Du Lac, Spirit Mountain, Hyland Hills, and Trollhaugen.  Viktor can pretty much be found anywhere with a toe rope.  His skate style has landed him on the Rome Amary team, it’s a well deserved position and he’ll only keep going to up from here.  Putting time in with film crews Think Thank, Rome Snowboards, and Bald E-Gal Viktor has been around the block and back.


Up in the air...!

Viktor Simco Droppin’ Big – Photo by Sean Kerrick Sullivan

Being inspired by Andrew Reynold and Bjorn Leines, Viktor has found the true meaning of style and individuality.  His Father and Grandfather taught him to think about more than himself.  After Viktor’s Grandfather was diagnosed Alzheimer’s and he decided to fight back.  Three seasons ago Viktor start a contest called Ollies for Alheimer’s.  It’s a high ollie contest that gives all contest proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The furture is looking bright for Viktor.  He’s continuing to pursue filming with Think Thank, Airblaster Clothing, Rome Snowboards, and Bald E-Gal.  If he ever decides to take time off the snow Viktor will probably be in Brazil sipping strawberry Daiquiris with a grip of babes.

Viktor Simco's Complete Seet Up

Viktor Simco’s Complete Set Up

1.  Dye – T1 Goggles
2.  House of 1817 – Yuck Mouth Beanie
3.  Airblaster – Freedom Snowboard Jacket
4.  Rome – Old No. 51 Snowboard Mittens
5.  Airblaster – Freedom Snowboard Pants
6. Rome – Folsom Snowboard Boots
7. Rome – 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings
8. Rome – Reverb Rocker Snowboard

Viktor Simco’s Snowboard Set Up

Viktor Simco’s Airblaster Freedom Jacket

Viktor Simco’s Airblaster Freedom Pants

Women’s Snowboarding – Bubble Gum Crew

Bubble Gum Crew

Bubble Gum Crew  The Bubble Gum Crew is a collection of female snowboarders that love snowboarding, bubble gum, and being with each other.  It all started with a blog and snowballed into something much greater.  Juggling school and work this wild crew still finds time to enjoy each other’s company while riding and of course, blowing bubbles.

There isn’t a membership fee to join the Bubble Gum Crew; only a small list of requirements and one initiation test.  First off you have to be female and secondly you need to chew Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape® when you ride.  The membership skill test is hard – you need the ability to blow a bubble the size of your own head.

Bubble Gum Crew

The greatest part of being a Bubble Gum Crew member is the camaraderie.  No one has dared to leave the Bubble Gum Crew.  Doing so hurts.  If someone happens to leave a wave of termination would follow on their blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Instagram.  No one would ever imagine leaving.  The bond these girls have is stronger than lock tight binding hardware and they’re not getting loose.

The girls compete every once and a while but mostly ride for fun.  It seams that that brands, governing bodies, and event organizers aren’t paying enough attention to women’s snowboarding.  Why is prize money lower for women?  Why do women’s heats usually drop last in rail jam?  Women ride just has hard as men, put their lives at risk, and are on snow the same amount of time.  Everything should even out.  Luckily there are groups like the Bubble Gum Crew doing their best to make women’s snowboarding better.

Hannah Lord Gettin' DownHolding down turf at Hyland comes with a price.  The House of 1817 is the Bubble Gum Crew’s only rival.  Instead of fighting they slap high fives, do trains through the park, and party together.  Wells Fargo Bank actually denied a Bubble Gum Crew check card design because they though it was a gang sign.  The only weapons these girls carry are smiles and attitudes of complete stokedness.

The Bubble Gum Crew has stayed true to their mission – ride together and chew gum.  It’s that simple.  If you’re a girl and have friends that ride, start a girls only snowboard crew.  Have it revolve around snowboarding and another common interest.  The snowboard world needs more girls that thrash together, push each other, and do more than sit on the top of the park.  Someday if you’re lucky enough your crew could be cool as the Bubble Gum Crew.

Bubble Gum Crew Members

Hannah LordHannah Lord
There is always someone that’s having more fun than you, usually it’s Hannah Lord.  This witty firecracker will keep laugh longer than you can stand and push you off a box if you get in her way.


Gabi RolstadGabi Rolstad
This girl is beyond sarcastic.  If you don’t get it, you never will.  She’s all laughs until she hits the snow, from then on it’s all business.  Gabi’s a snow gansta’.


Laura SchaeferLaura Schaefer
You wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Laura holds the world’s fastest speed on a snowboard if you ever saw her ride.  She rides fast and presses hard – a true killer.


Bubble Gum Crew’s Social Feed

Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew

Industry Insider: Icelantic Skis

Super Hot Rep Jesse Sorenson of Icelantic Skis

Icelantic Skis – Handmade in Colorado

Icelantic Skis - Handmade in ColoradoIcelantic Skis are a sight for sore eyes and so is Midwest Rep Jesse Sorensen.  These skis ride great and look great – it’s easy to find the rhythm of life floating on Icelantic.  With Icelantic World Headquarters based in the Battery 621 building in Denver, CO it’s evident they chose a great locations.  HQ is positioned close to their manufacturing facility (Never Summer Snowboards Factory) and Summit County (A Basin, Copper, Breck, & Keystone).


Icelantic Skis - Josh StackQuality handcrafted skis are hard to come by; but with a 2 year warranty and a rocking pro team you know Icelantic prides itself with durable skis that take a beating from the best in the industry.  Now, imagine a snowboarder repping for a ski company, that’s where Jesse Sorensen comes into play.  There isn’t a ski company in the world that could persuade a snowboard to rep their line – that’s not true for Icelantic Skis.  With a backbone of steel and niche focus keeping Icelantic core,  that’s why and how Jesse made the move.  “I never imagined repping for a ski company, but Icelantic has the best skis the world has to offer, I couldn’t resist.” says Jesse.

Icelantic makes skis for every type of riding, from the park to the sidecountry, they do it all.  So there you have it, Icelantic makes the best skis the world has to offer – even a snowboarders can’t resist.  Maybe that should be their new tag line.

Boom Bam Icelantic Skis

1.  Icelantic Skis – Shaman Skis

2. Icelantic Skis – Da’Nollie Skis

Riding picture courtsy of Icelantic Skis – Rider Josh Stack

Rider Bio: Ryan Paul

Ryan Paul – The Snowboarder

Upside down and inside out is the imaginative creativity of Ryan Paul.  A rider who does what he wants and lives life by his own terms can best describe RP.  Ryan has a canny knack for riding in ways no one else dreams of; hence the Backside Nollie Frontflip Backside 180 Out on a Down Bar Donkey at the West Coast Invitational at Mammoth in 201o that awarded him $10,000.

Long before instant world fame the WCI brought Ryan, he was riding harder than anyone else.  Learning the love at Afton Alps Ryan has constantly been pushing boundaries of riding and style since he started (speaking of style have you seen his Switchback Bindings Pro Colorway?).  The 2012/2013 season has already started off great for RP – he landed in 3rd place at the Downtown Throwdown collecting a cool $2,000.

Although Ryan has won tons of cash riding he doesn’t do it for the money.  He rides because he loves it.  Sure, winning money helps with travel expenses and all of his sponsor contribute, but I’m pretty sure if he was flat broke and riding 7 year old gear Ryan would still be hiking stairs and doing laps everyday.

Ryan Paul’s Complete Set Up

1.  Giro – Station Goggles
2.  Coal – Soma Beanie
3.  686 – Factor Snowboard Jacket
4.  686 – Horizon Mittens
5.  686 – Raw Snowboard Pants
6.  Thirtytwo – Lashed Snowboard Boots
7.  Switchback – Ryan Paul Pro Model Snowboard Bindings
8.  Zion – Zany Earth Ryan Paul Pro Model
9.  Zany Earth – Zany Pouch

Ryan Paul’s Snowboard Set Up

Ryan Paul’s Switchback Bindings

2013 Emerica Skate Shoes Sneak Peak

Emerica Skate Shoes

Depending on your age, Emerica Skate Shoes have probably been around for longer than you have skated.  With a  superhero team of riders, Emerica has been at the forefront of innovative technology and rider driven ideas.

The probability that you’ve skated in a pair of Emerica’s is high.  And why wouldn’t you?  Their whole line is built upon a foundation of tough shoes that take a beating.  If you’ve never skated Emericas, well, get on it.


Andrew Reynolds Shoes

1987 was a great year for skateboarding, it was the year Andrew Reynolds started skateboarding at age 9.  From his humble upbringings in Florida Drew has built up a cult following of his pro model skate shoes and the company he started, Baker Skateboards.  From tech tricks to massive drops Drew does it all in Emerica Skate Shoes.  The 2013 Emerica Andrew Reynolds Skate Shoes are mad!

Bryan Herman Shoes

Bagging up a list of nicknames longer than Snoop Lion’s record Bryan Herman continually reaches the outer limits of awesomeness.  Born on April 10th, 1986 in Victorville, CA (where is currently resides) Bryan has opened the door of opportunity and accepted his fate as a dominating powerhouse for Emerica.  With multiple color options the 2013 Emerica Bryan Herman Skate Shoes are a show stopper.


Women’s Snowboarding – Bubble Gum Crew – Gabi Rolstad

Gabi Rolstad

Bubble Gum CrewGabi Rolstad is the badass of the Bubble Gum Crew.  Even though she can’t blow a bubble the size of her head she’s still part of the most feared girls snowboarding crew in all the land.

Gabi isn’t afraid to express her opinion about the state of women’s snowboarding.  She knows how to have fun and rips like a saw blade through a sheet of rotten ply wood.  If you see a girl snapping Back 3’s off  jibs at Hyland, it’s probably Gabi.

Gabi - Bubble Gum Crew

Gabi Rolstad’s Snowboard Gear

Beanie:  Ralph Lauren
Goggle:  Electric EG2 Goggles
Jacket:  Holden
Gloves:  Rome
Pants:  Holden
Boots:  32 – Thirtytwo
Bindings:  Rome
Board:  Rome Detail
Gum:  Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®

Gabi Rolstad’s Social Feeds

Twitter: @gabirolstad
Instagram: @gabriellerolstad
Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew

More Bubble Gum Crew Members

Hannah LordHannah Lord
Hannah is the Bubble Gum Crew’s bubble blowing mob boss.  Not only does she hold the world in the palm of her hand, she also hold’s Hyland Hills’ record for largest bubble blown on the towrope.


Laura SchaeferLaura Schaefer
Known to sing Pour Some Sugar On Me on a whim Laura does much more than that, she rides hard and loves it.  You can catch her ripping through Hyland on any given day; actually you probably wont, she rides pretty fast.



Women’s Snowboarding – Bubble Gum Crew – Hannah Lord

Hannah Lord

Bubble Gum CrewComedy, Hannah has it.  If you’re not a brick you probably will laugh at every other thing she says.  There is one thing that Hannah takes seriously, having fun.  If she was a mob boss she’d probably make you laugh before killing you.

Hannah has been a Hyland Hills local since before Transworld and Snowboarder picked up on the spot.  She knows every nook and cranny of the place and has slayed more laps than than you can count.  Hannah is guaranteed to have a roll of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape® on her at all times and have more fun than you snowboarding all while doing it with the Bubble Gum Crew.

Hannah - Bubble Gum Crew

Hannah Lord’s Snowboard Gear

Beanie:  H&M
Goggle:  Anon
Jacket:  Lita
Gloves:  Empire
Pants:  Burton
Boots:  32 – Thirtytwo
Bindings:  Rome
Board:  Rome
Gum:  Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®

Hannah Lord’s Social Feeds

Twitter: @HFLord
Instagram: @faithlord
Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew & Bad Kitty

More Bubble Gum Crew Members

Gabi Rolstad

Gabi Rolstad
If you’re quick witted enough to catch her sarcasm you’ll get enough one-liners to make the world’s funniest deadpan trilogy.  What isn’t funny about Gabi is her riding, she seriously kills it.


Laura Schaefer

Laura Schaefer
Mix a girl, a snowboard, and a roll of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape® in a bowl and you’ll end up with Laura.  With an undying love for winter and fashion she makes even the coolest of cool kids say “rad’.


Women’s Snowboarding – Bubble Gum Crew – Laura Schaefer

Laura Schaefer

Bubble Gum CrewWhat does Hurley Fashion Design Intern Laura Schaefer do for fun?  It’s simple, she snowboards as often as possible, usually with the Bubble Gum Crew.  Laura holds her life together tighter than she holds grabs.  Somehow she manages to ride, be present at every snowboard video premiere/party, and attend school full time.

There are two types of snowboarders; those who “ride”, the kind that sit in the chalet all day, and then there’s those who RIDE.  Laura is a RIDER, she pushes hard and rides fast.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with her with a follow cam.  She’s the girl that’s only in the chalet to lace up her boots and that’s why she’s fearless in the park.

Laura - Bubble Gum Crew


Laura Schaefer’s Snowboard Gear

Beanie:  Neff
Goggle:  Sabre Easy Rider
Jacket:  Cappel
Gloves:  Celtek
Pants:  Roxy
Boots:  32 – Thirtytwo
Bindings:  Rome
Board:  Capita Saturnia
Gum:  Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®

Laura Schaefer’s Social Feeds

Twitter: @LsEllen
Instagram: @lauraschaefer
Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew & laura.ellen.schaefer

More Bubble Gum Crew Members

Gabi RolstadGabi Rolstad
Gabi feeds the fuel the Bubble Gum Crew burns.  She rode over +100 days last season, thrashed an unthinkable amount of park laps, and chewed her way through 18.5 rolls of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®.


Hannah LordHannah Lord
What would you do if you loved snowboarding and bubble gum?  Well, Hannah and the girls started their own crew that revolve around both.  Girls, gum, and snowboarding will always be a great mix.

Welcome to the Team: Kenny Peterson

Kenny Peterson

It wasn’t long ago that Danny Kern brought Kenny Peterson along on a House photoshoot.  It was June 21st to be exact, National Go Skate Day, in Minneapolis.  Kenny blew everyone away with his attitude and drive to get a good shots, over and over again.

Fast forward a month and now Kenny is on The House Skate Team.  Cheers to you Kenny – thanks for being rad and having such a deep passion for skating.  Awesome job at the Midwest Melee.  Keep having fun and welcome to the team.

Kenny Peterson’s Bio

DOB: 10/05/1991

Hometown: Blaine, MN


Stance: Regular

Board: Size 8

Trucks: Chrome Independents

Wheels: Any White Wheels

Bearings: Reds


Shoes: Size 9

Sponsors: The House Boardshop!

Why do you skate? Free my mind, Passion

Skate Icon:

First Trick: Kickflip

Last Trick: No Such Thing

Gnarliest Spot: “The Man Rail” off 35w and County Rd D

First Memory: Taking First Place In My First Competition

Last Love: One Love.. Skateboarding

Favorite Book: Tony Hawks Autobiography

Favorite Video: “Kill It”

Favorite Website: Craigslist.org

Hero/Heroine: Og the skater without legs! Apparently..Nothing’s holding that guy back

Inspirations: Future Generations of Skateboarding to Advance the Sport


2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection


2013 Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection

Yeah, yeah, yeah there has been a lot of talk about Travis Rice lately.  He was the star of the Art of Flight that came out earlier this season, he was the man behind the Red Bull Supernatural event, and he dates a supermodel (well, she’s pretty close).  When you’re rising to the top of the sports world, and get asked to be on late night talk shows, the opportunities of life swing their doors wide open for you.  For 2013 Quiksilver will release the Travis Rice Collection and it’s nothing short of amazing.  Here’s a sneak peak into a full kit of goodies that Travis will be riding next season…


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket

Could the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Symbol Jacket be the most sought after snowboard jacket of all time?  Yes.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice – Scott Serfas collaboration Serfas Stripe Print pattern is a mind blowing combination of fabric, life, and art.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket

Everyone needs a puffy jacket.  Everyone needs more Travis Rice in their lives.  Everyone needs the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Aspect Jacket.  This fabulous piece of clothing is the Chuck Norris of snowboard jackets.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Cityscape Base Layer

A guy walks into a bar wearing a Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Cityscape Base Layer after slaying pow all day and the girls flock to him because he looks so good.  No joke.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Shadow Pant

You’ll cast no shadows with this ray of light called the Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Shadow Pant.  The relaxed fit is big enough to sag without looking like an emo kid.


Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Square Mitt

It’s a tough decision trying to choose whether or not to wear gloves or mittens.  The Quiksilver Travis Rice Collection Square Mitt is the spork of the glove and mitten world.  Removable glove liners and a trigger finger mitt shell will keep your digits toasty all season long.