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2013 Thirtytwo -32 DGK Jacket

DGK Jacket Featured

2013 DGK x 32 Collection Shiloh 2 Jacket Sometimes you find a jacket that is just right, and the 2013 DGK x Collection Shiloh 2 Jacket is one of them.  The Thirtytwo DGK Jacket has a wonderful combination of features, fit, and colorways (Red or Black).  The high quality construction and ghetto’ed design will make every…


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 DGK Pants

DGK Pant Featured

2013 DGK x 32 Collection Blahzay Pant The Thirtytwo DGK Pants do a lot more than look ghetto-fide, they’ll help you get bona fide with all of the well placed features.  Match the Thirtytwo DGK Blahzay Pants with the Shiloh 2 Jacket, and you might be mistaken for Snoop Dogg with style. Sure the relaxed…


2013 Thirtytwo – 32 DGK Boots

DGK Boot Featured

2013 DGK x 32 Collection TM-Two Boots You can stomp the yard or your landings with the new Thirtytwo DGK TM-Two Boots.  This classic Thirtytwo TM-Two team favorite has all the bells and whistles you need and then some more (just like the Shiloh 2 Jacket).  The tailored fit Team Fit pops, locks, and drops…


32 Snowboard Boots – TM-Two – 2012 Review

Thirtytwo - 32 TM Two Featured

  The Thirtytwo TM-Two has been a team favorite for years on end.  If you’re an all mountain freestyle rider looking to advance to the next level, look no further.  The TM-Two can handle all types of riding conditions, features, and styles.  Wrapped tight with a traditional lacing Tongue Tension System the TM-Two’s Level 4 Liner…


Snowboard Edge Test – Ice Breakers


  Almost every board company advertises that their boards work on firm snow, hard-pack, and ice.  The House Boardshop decided to create a board test, called Ice Breakers, to determine which profile shapes and edge technology actually work on ice.  Who knew if the slalom and stop test would work?  No one.  There was a…


Rider Bio: Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton Head

When the news broke out that Joe Sexton was stopping by the shop everyone’s faces lit up like it was Christmas morning. The interns were peaking between clothes racks and from under tables just to get a glimpse of the home town hero.  With a travel schedule that would make any Fortune 500 exec envious,…


Stepchild Joe Sexton Snowboard – Product of the Week

Side A & B

Stepchild Joe Sexton Pro Model Snowboard   The 2011 the Stepchild Joe Sexton Pro Model Snowboard is back and graphically louder than ever.  The high contrast graphics by Ryan Jones, a.k.a. Humanbuger, pop with so much vibrance you won’t need to jazz up your board with stickers.  The House has Joe Sexton pro model boards…


Rome Mod Giveaway


Enter to win a 156 Rome Bjorn Mod Snowboard and Rome Targa Snowboard Bindings in Bjorn Black. Sorry but this contest has ended. Additional contest details: Winner must be 18 year of age or older have parents consent. To enter without making a purchase or entering your email address please mail a postcard to: Rome Mod…


Industry Insider: Ride Snowboards

Mike Head

Mike Oelkers recently made a transition to Ride Snowboards 2 years ago and has loved every part of it.  Being in the industry for 21 years Mike knows the ins and outs of staying on top of his game.  Mike is one of the guys that makes the Midwest scene so great.  We wouldn’t be…


Industry Insider: Burton Snowboards


  Jayson Henderson started snowboarding 26 years ago and still loves it as much now as he did back then.  Technology has changed for the better, and Jayson doesn’t have to ride a Burton Elite with Sorrel Boots anymore. Jayson has been a Sales Rep for Burton Snowboards for 9 years and it shows in…