Shred to Toe: Justine Pinkerton

Justine Pinkerton's Shred to Toe The newest member of The House Boardshop's Snowboard Team, Justine Pinkerton, knows how to throw down.  That's more than half the reason we picked her up.  She slays everything in her path and has a smile on her face when she does it.  oh yeah, welcome to the team. She [...]

Welcome to the Team: Justine Pinkerton

Justine Pinkerton added to The House Boardshop's Snowboard Team Justine Pinkerton has been on the House's radar for the last few seasons, and after she dropped her 2012/2013 Full Season Edit, we knew she had a spot on the team.  Born in Canada, raised in Wisconsin, and thriving at Trollhaugen Justine keeps a smile on [...]

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Five Things You May Not Have Known About the Pacific Crest Trail

In order to finish in four and a half months, hikers must walk 22-25 miles a day (everyday). Much of this walking is endured with blisters on the feet, an aching body and a mind that's fighting your reasons to finish. A grueling, but incredibly rewarding experience, hiking the entire trail is an incredible gift [...]

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Best Beginner Snowboards

Best Beginner Snowboards Pair yourself up with the best snowboard for your riding level. It's crucial for long term success, faster progression and more fun on those first few days of learning to stand sideways. Companies like Burton, Rossignol, K2, Rome, Gnu, Ride and Roxy have devoted extra attention and resources to build snowboards designed [...]

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Types of Snowboard Pants

You're  new waterproof jacket will mean nothing without some quality snowboard pants to round out your kit. Designed specifically for rider movement, nasty winter conditions, strapping in, and sick Methods, snowboard pants are the only solution to keep your lower half comfortable. Most have standard features like gaiters on the cuffs to keep snow out, [...]

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History of Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a popular activity, yet many are unaware of how the sport got its start. It combines surfing, water skiing and snowboarding techniques for a thrilling activity. There are a lot of different variations that come into play with this activity, depending on the boarder's ability level, preferred towing method, weight and gender. How [...]

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Windsurfing

Three-Year-Olds Can Windsurf - With sails as small as one meter, even the smallest water lovers can fine tune those skills and progress at a very young age. Swim lessons are obviously recommended in conjunction with such young windsurfers! Windsurfers Can Go Faster Than Waterskiiers - Even the most recreational windsurfers sail at an average [...]

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Camping – 5 Things You May Not Have Known

With visions of s'mores, pristine lakes, blue skies, bug free nights and a picture perfect camp site, the idea of camping sounds pretty darn awesome to most people. After perusing through Backpacker magazine, camping blogs and National Park websites, you've mentally prepared yourself for a perfect weekend of camping paradise. Like any outdoor activity, there [...]

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The Interior Plain Project

The Interior Plain Project Dark Meadows Collection There isn't a board company based out of the Midwest with as much heart and soul as The Interior Plain Project.  Pete Harvioux has the visionary mind behind The Interior Plain Project which started in 2001 with something simple...stickers.  With a factory ready to produce decks Pete decided [...]

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Rider Bio: Viktor Simco

Viktor Simco It takes a lot to be Viktor Simco.  Imagine growing up as a skate kid in Texas and then moving to Minnesota.  Seeing snow for the first time and feeling an air temperature below 50° must have been shocking, but Viktor handled it well.  He took his skate skills and transitioned (no pun [...]

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