2013 Thirtytwo – 32 DGK Collection

2013 DGK x 32 Collection How in the world did Thirtytwo and DGK come together for a collaboration?  Through the love of skating that's how.  Everyone has a different style, or at least should have.  For the hesh dudes Thirtytwo offers the Joe Sexton Signature Series and for the thugs they offer the DGK Collection.  The [...]

2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Joe Sexton Signature Series

  2012 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series How in the world could a kid from Minnesota get as good as Joe Sexton?  With tons a dedication and the willingness to always have fun.  Joe got picked up a few years back by Thirtytwo and has gradually worked his way to the top of the snowboard [...]

Salomon Fast Wing III Windbreaker – Trail Running Apparel

  Trail Running Jacket: Salomon Fast Wing III Windbreaker Everyone loves a perfect windbreaker.  Some people like looking sporty running errands, commuting, and charging through Moab.  The Salomon Fast Wing III is the ultimate light weight (150 grams), packable (armband stow pocket), and wind resistant windbreaker available to trail runners and the general public. The [...]

History of Skullcandy

One of the coolest things about Skullcandy is just that it was founded by Rick Alden, on a chairlift in Park City, Utah. He was taking a phone call. He's got his music on one side, he's gotta turn that off. He's gotta find his phone and dig out that on the other [...]

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2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard Review

2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard The 2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard is the go to deck for the 2012 Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Champion, Sebastien Toutant.  The Pop Rods® 2.0, Slimewalls®, and Carbon Array 3 combination adds a smooth feel and unreal pop.  The Ride Buckwild creates fluid lines and has massive pop that you'll never forget. [...]

32 Snowboard Boots – 86 FT – 2012 Review

99.9% of snowboarders skate.  Why let your snowboard boots reduce your skate influence?  Don't.  Skateboard shoes are great because the soles are thin for board control; the Thirtytwo 86 FT ran with that idea and now you won't find a better board feel in a boot anywhere, period. If you didn't know, the FT in [...]

DC Snowboard Technology Explained

2012 DC Snowboard Technology There are a lot of important technology and features that go into making DC Snowboards. This is what makes DC Snowboards unique and superior compared to alot of other boards on the market. What is the Feel-O-Meter? The Feel-O-Meter is our board reference in DC catalog. Several key ingredients [...]

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Video: History of Bond Outerwear

Bond Outerwear is not in the business of making tuxedos for James, but more like some of the most debonair outerwear in the snow softgoods market. Sustainability is the name of their game, as they operate as a carbon-neutral company—and balancing out their minimal carbon footprint is hardly an ordeal for them. They use only [...]

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