2015 Salomon Skis Sneak Peek

SIA 2014 Reveals Salomon’s Next Big Thing

The 2014 SnowSports Industries of America Trade Show was a whirlwind event held in Denver at the tail end of January, just as Colorful Colorado was at the beginning of a storm cycle that has lasted into the Spring, creating one of the deepest winters in recent history. SIA 2014 was abuzz with excitement and powder fever. The Denver Convention Center was filled to the brim with all of next years latest and greatest gear. The SnowShow was an intimate look behind the curtain with every ski company in the biz. For me, Salomon was one of the show’s standouts. That had nothing to do with the exceptionally weird and progressively more raunchy introductory conversation with the Hard Handshaking Bonecrushin’ Hilary (Salomon PR). Don’t worry Hil, most interactions I have with women have similar chitchatting about a possible “Junk Punch” or knee to the groin. Nor did Salomon’s appeal have anything to do me running into a long lost college friend who I last saw at a foam party, Lax House sausage fest, or grinding (it was kinda like twerking in the olden days –circa ’02) on the dance floor at Sigma Chi. Go Dawgs! I didn’t fall in love with Salomon’s 2015 line because of Handsome Joe, Salomon’s Tech Expert, though one can get lost in his eyes and he does smell of licorice and unicorn farts. No, I was intrigued with Salomon’s gear for next year because of innovative technology, refinement of design, and a palpable level of stoke for the skiing lifestyle that permeated throughout every person connected to the brand.

Bobby Brown Pro Model – Salomon NFX

2015 Salomon Rocker2

The 2015 New Quest Series

The 2015 Quest Pro 130 Ski Boot

The New Guardian Binding

2013 Etnies Marana Shoes


After going through some major road blocks with the accidental leak release of  a Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes video we finally can present the newest Etnies skate shoes – the Marana.  Etnies did it again, made an comfortable bombproof shoe that has an unbeleiveable amount of feel.  There as been a long awaited release for the Etnies Marana and we’re glad November 26th has passed.

Get all three!

The Etnies Marana skate shoes come in three simple colorways; black, grey, and red.  The red colorway is considered to be Ryan Sheckler’s 7th promodel from Etnies, and well, it is and isn’t.  It could be caught in the middle of a promodel and a normal skate shoe and be called the Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes.  The features are the same and the only difference we’ve found in the black and grey Etnies Maran Shoes and the red colorway (Ryan Sheckler) is the RS branding logo on the insole.  That’s itTake some time to take the Etnies Marana Shoes in.  They might be the newest legendary shoes that everyone will talk about in 20 years. Now go flick that skateboard.

Etnies Marana Shoe Key Features

Injected rubber toe cap – Skate longer & harder.
Injection EVA midsole – Like a pillow.
400 NBS rubber with deep Flex grooves – Feel the grip.

Etnies Marana Shoe Colors

The Interior Plain Project

The Interior Plain Project Dark Meadows Collection

The Interior Plain ProjectThere isn’t a board company based out of the Midwest with as much heart and soul as The Interior Plain Project.  Pete Harvioux has the visionary mind behind The Interior Plain Project which started in 2001 with something simple…stickers.  With a factory ready to produce decks Pete decided to halt the operation until a better time, that time is now.

The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard

The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard

With a skate style of snowboarding influencing The Interior Plain Project board designs there is no limit to what the decks can or cannot do with true twin shaping.  Straight forward radial sidecut and camber featured in both the Harrow and Honalee boards beat other decks to the punch with a simple approach.    Team riders Joe Mertes, Jack Thonvold, and Matt “Booty” Boudreaux have been thrashing The Interior Plain Project decks to their limits and have been loving every second of it.

The Interior Plain Project Honalee Snowboard

The Interior Plain Project Honalee Snowboard

Keeping the project small The Interior Plain Project is only producing 2 snowboard models in the Dark Meadows Collection for the 2012/2013 season; the Harrow (147cm & 152cm) and the Honalee (156cm).  The Honalee Snowboard is a knife to the stomach of snowboarding that offers a tremendous amount of pop and hella’ (9mm) camber.  The Interior Plain Project knows its market, and for that it created the poppy jib press friendly 2mm cambered Harrow Snowboard.  But wait, there’s more…The Interior Plain Project also released softgoods too; hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Expect The Interior Plain Project to blow up.  The company is small and sold only to select retailers (we’re stoked to be one), and it’s only the beginning.  Stay tuned for more.

Industry Insider: Icelantic Skis

Super Hot Rep Jesse Sorenson of Icelantic Skis

Icelantic Skis – Handmade in Colorado

Icelantic Skis - Handmade in ColoradoIcelantic Skis are a sight for sore eyes and so is Midwest Rep Jesse Sorensen.  These skis ride great and look great – it’s easy to find the rhythm of life floating on Icelantic.  With Icelantic World Headquarters based in the Battery 621 building in Denver, CO it’s evident they chose a great locations.  HQ is positioned close to their manufacturing facility (Never Summer Snowboards Factory) and Summit County (A Basin, Copper, Breck, & Keystone).


Icelantic Skis - Josh StackQuality handcrafted skis are hard to come by; but with a 2 year warranty and a rocking pro team you know Icelantic prides itself with durable skis that take a beating from the best in the industry.  Now, imagine a snowboarder repping for a ski company, that’s where Jesse Sorensen comes into play.  There isn’t a ski company in the world that could persuade a snowboard to rep their line – that’s not true for Icelantic Skis.  With a backbone of steel and niche focus keeping Icelantic core,  that’s why and how Jesse made the move.  “I never imagined repping for a ski company, but Icelantic has the best skis the world has to offer, I couldn’t resist.” says Jesse.

Icelantic makes skis for every type of riding, from the park to the sidecountry, they do it all.  So there you have it, Icelantic makes the best skis the world has to offer – even a snowboarders can’t resist.  Maybe that should be their new tag line.

Boom Bam Icelantic Skis

1.  Icelantic Skis – Shaman Skis

2. Icelantic Skis – Da’Nollie Skis

Riding picture courtsy of Icelantic Skis – Rider Josh Stack

2013 Emerica Skate Shoes Sneak Peak

Emerica Skate Shoes

Depending on your age, Emerica Skate Shoes have probably been around for longer than you have skated.  With a  superhero team of riders, Emerica has been at the forefront of innovative technology and rider driven ideas.

The probability that you’ve skated in a pair of Emerica’s is high.  And why wouldn’t you?  Their whole line is built upon a foundation of tough shoes that take a beating.  If you’ve never skated Emericas, well, get on it.


Andrew Reynolds Shoes

1987 was a great year for skateboarding, it was the year Andrew Reynolds started skateboarding at age 9.  From his humble upbringings in Florida Drew has built up a cult following of his pro model skate shoes and the company he started, Baker Skateboards.  From tech tricks to massive drops Drew does it all in Emerica Skate Shoes.  The 2013 Emerica Andrew Reynolds Skate Shoes are mad!

Bryan Herman Shoes

Bagging up a list of nicknames longer than Snoop Lion’s record Bryan Herman continually reaches the outer limits of awesomeness.  Born on April 10th, 1986 in Victorville, CA (where is currently resides) Bryan has opened the door of opportunity and accepted his fate as a dominating powerhouse for Emerica.  With multiple color options the 2013 Emerica Bryan Herman Skate Shoes are a show stopper.


Neff Fall / Winter Lookbook Video

If you haven’t noticed Neff makes some of the most innovative and wild gear in the industry.  From cool and collective to loud and extravagant; Neff has a look that fits your style.


If you haven’t noticed Neff makes some of the most innovative and wild gear in the industry.  From cool and collective to wild and extravagant Neff has a look that fits your style.

Burton Mystery Snowboard


Burton Mystery Snowboard


 Straight form the Craig Kelly Proto Facility the Mystery is said to be the lightest board Burton has ever made.  Only a hand full of people really know whats in side the Mystery, so we  can only assume that the core is fill with Fairy dust or perhaps,  unicorn tears filtered through diamonds. Why else would it be so light? Well, enogh about what we dont know. Here are a facts about the Mystery.



Features of  The Burton Mystery:

  • Directional shape with a Twin Flex
  •  Flex Rating of 5
  •  Flying V Profile Shape
  • Stainless Steel frostbite Edges that will not rust
  • ProTip-
  • Infinite Ride
  • NEW Mystery Glass –
  • Ultrafly Core (filtered Unicorn Tears) with Multizone EDG.
  • Methlon Base – Teflon base material that may be the slickest and fast base material used every used.

If you are going to get the Mystery we would highly recommend picking up a pair of Burton Diodes. Built to be some of  the lightest and strongest binding on the market.


2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

The one board that does is all is the Burton Custom Flying V.  With less response than the Burton Custon camber, the Flying V offers a playful combination or rocker and camber.  From pow to park the Burton Custom Flying V is the one board you need for it all.  Why wouldn’t you ride it?  Mikkel Bang does.

Burton Custom Flying V Specs:

  • Feel: 5
  • Gondola Package
  • The Channel
  • Bend: Flying V
  • Shape: Directional
  • Flex: Twin
  • Core: Super Fly II™ with Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Fiberglass: Triax™ Fiberglass, Lightning Bolts, and Carbon I-Beam™
  • Base: Sintered WFO
  • Sidewalls: 10:45™
  • Extras: Squeezebox, Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™, Infinite Ride™, and Progressively Wider Waist Widths
  • Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary

2013 Burton Barracuda Snowboard Review

2013 Burton Barracuda Snowboard

The Burton Barracuda might be the most perfected all mountain freeride snowboard on the face of the planet. The Barracuda can be downsized 2-3 cm from normal length because of Nug Raduction, the slightly tapered tail floats in pow, and the S-Rocker profile is a combination like no other.  The Burton Barracuda is a dream come true.  If you want a more freestyle oriented all mountain snowboard check out the Burton Sherlock.

Burton Barracuda Snowboard Specs

  • Feel: 5
  • Gondola Package
  • The Channel
  • Nug Raduction
  • Bend: S-Rocker
  • Shape: Directional [15MM Taper]
  • Flex: Directional
  • Core: Super Fly II™ with Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Fiberglass: Triax™ Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam™
  • Base: Sintered WFO
  • Sidewalls: 10:45™
  • Extras: Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™
  • Raduction Level: 3 [Downsize 2 to 3cm From Normal Board Length]

2013 Thirtytwo – 32 Sneak Peak


2013 Thirtytwo Sneak Peak

Can you believe you’re seeing a sneak peak of the 2013 Thirtytwo gear?  Below are our 2 favorite series/collaborations Thirtytwo is offering for the 2013 season; the Joe Sexton Signature Series and the Dirtytwo (Thirtytwo X DGK) Collection.  Both are on opposite ends of the style spectrum – they cater to Thirtytwo’s diverse range of riders.  If you’re hesh or thug Thirtytwo has something for you.  Think about combining the two.  Imagine a baggy Dirtytwo jacket and tight pants – it’s called EmoYo’.



2013 Thirtytwo Joe Sexton Signature Series

What’s every Midwest snowboard kid’s dream growing up?  To get sponsored and have a pro model.  Joe Sexton isn’t a kid any more, he’s a grown man sitting ontop of the snowboard industry.  Thirtytwo saw Joe’s potential marketability and gave him not only a pro model piece, but multiple pieces.   Here it is ladies and gentlemen the Joe Sexton Signature Series.



Thirtytwo DGK Collection

Bridging the gap between snowboarding and skateboarding isn’t done by wonder boy Shaun White, it’s done by Thirtytwo and it’s Thirtytwo DGK Collection.  For all the kids living in urban area with tons of rail, ledge, and drop options Thirtytwo desided to collaborate with skateboarding’s bad boys, Dirty Ghetto Kids.  If you like Aesop Rock, tagging bathroom mirrors, and Cab 270-Front Tail-Back Nose (Change Up)-Pretzel Out combos you’ll love everything Dirtytwo has to offer.