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Capita Ultrafear FK Snowboard 2012

This is the Capita Ultrafear Flatkick Snowboard. It is a reverse camber, flat kick, ultra freestyle snowboard. This is one of my favorite graphics of all time and probably one of my favorite boards of all time. The dampening sidewalls are absolutely phenomenal. The graphic is cool, the fiberglass is amazing, and the board has a flex rating of a 6. But that’s not all. That’ right, it has a flat technology. In between the bindings you’re going to have a flat base, a completely flat base. After the bindings to the end of the contact point, you’re going to have a reverse camber shape going from the nose and the tail, and then from the ends of the contact points to the tip and to the tail, you’re going to actually have a flat tip and tail. It’s called Flat Kick. It’s great for ollie, its smoother, nice and level, its great when your going off those jibs and jumps.

It is a twin shape board and it has what’s called a DS Select Core. Now, the core is going to run tip to tail. On the rails of the board they’re going to have beach wood, and in the center of the board you’re going to have poplar wood. Now, the beach wood is going to be a little bit stiffer, a little bit more stable for your ride through chunder and stuff like that. And the poplar wood’s going to be a little bit more lightweight, a little bit more forgiving, and also help damper some of the vibration that you’re going to get when kicking ass on this board. The fiber glass that sandwiches the wood core is pretty unique. Not many companies are doing what Capita is doing with their fiberglass. Now, on top of the DS Select Wood Core is two different strand or two different directions of fiberglass running at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees. Now, on the bottom of the DS Select Wood Core, the fiberglass actually runs in three different directions. It runs at 90 degrees, at 45 degrees, and at -45 degrees. So you’re going to get a lot of pop. Even though this does have a flat to reverse camber shape. When you’re going off those lifts, you’re going to get a lot of snap because of that unique fiberglass and that DS Select Wood Core. Now, because this board comes in a variety of different shapes, the sidecut radius’s are going to vary just a little bit as well. The sidecut radius range from a 7.6 to a 7.9, which isn’t a very big span, of course. And the edges are going to have the 360 wrap around edges.

The base is a sintered wax-infused rotational base. There’s wax already inside of this. This board’s going to absorb a lot of wax. It’s going to stay fast non-stop. The stance can be maxed out depending on sides to a maximum of 23 or 25 inches. The smaller shapes are only going to max out to about 23 inches. The bigger shapes, of course, are going to max out at about 25. Again, this is the Capita Ultrafear Flatkick with Freestyle Flat Kick Technology and some cool fiberglass and an awesome graphic. Check it out. There it is.


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