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This is the Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard , bo ya kasha, “Flat Kick” board. “Flat kick”, you guys will know what that term means by the end of the season from watching some of these videos and for riding. You will get to know flat kick for riding. These Capita snowboardsboards are flat in between the bindings, rocks up a little bit before the nose and the tale then there is an extra little lift or what Capita calls “Flat Kick”. Again, so it’s flat, up a little bit and then up a little bit more. Great for that jibber at heart and let me tell you what, this horoscope “Flat Kick” board is for that urban warfare Jib terrorist out there.

If you like hitting the streets hitting the rails, hitting the ledges, doing bomb drops, this is going to be the indestructible board that you can thrash all season long. True twin of cores, seven stains of cores, and it has a wood derived technology of core, which means that inside of here is pressure bonded wood composite core. So, it is not normal tip to tale wood core, its pressure bonded wood composite. It makes for a nice flex. On the glass it is called pre cured 420 glass. Which means that on both the top and the bottom of the sandwich core there is 370 grams of fiber glass that runs tip to tale, and there is 50 grams of glass that runs from edge to edge. The base is an extruded base. You won’t have to maintain this thing very often because you’re probably going to be running parking lots and sand lots. What other lots are there, car park lots? Anyway, flex is a 3 this thing is soft you could butter a sandwich with it if you wanted to, yep super soft! And, Transworld has rated this thing Good Wood in 2010. Horrorscope, Capita, Flat Kick, Matt Guf, The House.



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