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2010 Byerly Monarch Wakeboard is one of our most amazing shapes ever. It has been in the line for quite awhile and it has continued to be one of the best riding boards. This board actually came out this year and won two world titles on it. Mitch Langfield just won the Pro Junior title on it and Aaron Rathey also won the Pro Men’s title on the board this year. We did a couple of new things for the board this year. We took this board, which was only available in a PVC high-end core before and we came up with a new bio-light polyurethane foam internal to it. It has a way more basic price point now in the line versus being the highest end board that it was, but still the tried and true shape that it has always been. Mitch actually rode this exact model to win the world title this year on this board. We did do a new glass construction on this board as well. It has a double lap construction so basically the bottom glass wraps over the top rail and the top glass wraps over the bottom rail. What this basically does is reinforces the whole perimeter of the board.

All of Byerly’s glass technology,┬áreally focuses on having the main construction of the glass wrap around and support the rails. The glass on the flats actually does not add a lot of strength to the board. Where you really gain all the strength and rigidity of the board is around the perimeter of the board. We did a new graphic on this board. It is going to be available this year in three sizes — a 56, a 54, and a 52. We did a really cool new black graphic with a real tonal Byerly skull all across it. The three different sizes are going to look really similar with the main difference being the 56 is in red; the 54 is in green; and the 52 is in yellow. It has the red logo around the skull and the badging up top. We are running the same bottom graphic on all three sizes. The boys are out doing the shoot for the advertisement this year and the bottom logos show up insane on this board. We have had a really good response to it and at the new price we are really looking to make this board fly off the shelves. Make sure you go and check this board out at a Byerly dealer near you.hich essentially is the industry standard for a wood core, but at a very affordable price. We use vertical sidewall, which gives the board better edge hold. We run a radius sidecut, very predictable, very smooth, easy to initiate and exit turns, nice balanced flex pattern and a 3.3 base, which is very, almost maintenance free. It glides very well. But really the claim to fame of this board is its all mountain versatility. It really does, it rides everything very well.


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