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Snowboarders of the mid-eighties, like Craig Kelly and Jake Burton for that matter, would have a hard time envisioning that a Double McTwist 1260 was only a few decades away. Professional snowboarders can’t possibly do the same tricks year after year – they wouldn’t be pro if they weren’t living to push the limits on their board. To keep riders on their toes, Burton¬†puts an exuberant amount of passion driven energy and resources into research and development to keep snowboarding fun, fresh and ¬†progressive. They’ve been doing this since 1977. Each and every year, new technologies hits the market. Just imagine what a game changer the first highback became. For the first time ever, riders were given the tools to effectively carve as we know it today. From Jumper Cables to Heel Hammocks to Dryride Mist-Defy, we’ve created a little library, complete with videos and text, that clarifies all things Burton Technology. Sit back, grab a snack and get ready to be inspired…


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