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So, you’re looking for a board with float, but one that also delivers precision and drive? Sounds like a Springloaded Burton board. Boards with either Flying V or S Rocker both have camber under the bindings for pop and energy where the turn is initiated. Flying V has rocker between and outside both feet. S Rocker has entry rocker that extends from the front foot to the nose. Both bends provide float for powder, variable conditions and of course, for the fun factor. Springloaded is the term Burton uses for boards with a rocker/camber combo. You guessed it…Springloaded boards are pretty amazing, so Burton has plenty to choose from…

For the best of both world, the Springloaded category combines the pop and precision of camber with the forgiving float of rocker. For all around performance, look around for boards that are springloaded with Flying V or seek out boards with S Rocker for a more pow and free ride oriented ride.

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