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During a long game of “telephone” in the snowboard world, word spread that rocker boards are only for the park! Well sure, they’re heaps of fun in the park and allow faster progression on obstacles, but rocker boards are also a blast in the backcountry, on groomers and pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Boards with rocker are also ideal for beginners. We’ll get into the logistics later in this article.

With a rocker board, the contact point is in the center of the board, between the bindings. The nose and tail are kicked up a bit making the board easier to maneuver and turn. As a result, the rider will experience more float in powder whether riding switch or regular. Rocker bends have evolved since they hit the market several years back. Burton breaks down their rocker down quite nicely. Check it out…

  • Flat Top – The profile between the bindings is flat resulting in stability, better balance and continuous edge control. The rider will still experience that catch-free turns and jibs. Like all rocker boards, the tip and tail kick up a bit for a mellow and loose ride. Snowboards with Flat Top tech are a blast anywhere on the mountain. Check out the Chopper, Chicklet, Chopper Toy Story, Genie, Root, Lipstick, Lux, Hero and Hero Smalls.
  • Easy Rider – Geared towards beginners, Easy Rider rocker technology is incredibly soft and forgiving. The convex base lifts the edges off the snow making it virtually impossible to catch an edge. Get ready to learn balance and board control with the Genie, Chopper, Chicklet™, and After School Special.
  • Flying V – A blend of camber and rocker, Flying V offers a playful, yet powerful ride. Rocker runs the length of the board, including between and outside your feet. This enhances playfulness and float through pow. Subtle camber zones sit beneath the bindings focusing edge control for crisp snap, added pop and power through turns. Join the Flying V fun with the Antler, Custom Flying V, Custom Smalls, Deja Vu, Feelgood Flying V, Feelgood Smalls, Mystery, Process Flying V and Sherlock.
  • V-Rocker – With the same catch-free playfulness and improved float that rocker boards have to offer, v-rocker is one continuous rocker between your feet and in front of your feet towards the tip and tail. To enhance power and grip, burton added Frostbite Edges which balance the board’s overall loose and forgiving feel. V-rocker boards excel in the park, backcountry and pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Snowboards with V-rocker include Blender, Blunt, Bullet, Clash, Feather, Joystick, Nug, Nug Ash, Social, Smalls, Standard and Whammy Bar.
  • S Rocker – If you like to float while going fast, S-Rocker™ is the bend for you. The full bend mimics the letter “S,” hence the name. Rocker first extends form the nose to under the rider’s front foot. Camber lies between the bindings. When the rider stands on the board, the camber is compressed which causes the nose rocker to lift. The result is improved float while maintaining momentum and stability, even through deep powder and variable snow conditions. Get ready for some fun. Sold? Check out the Barracuda, Spliff, Fish, Fishcuit or Freebird.

For a catch free feel and effortless float that brings more fun to every type of terrain, choose a board with rocker. Seek out boards with V-rocker for more all around fun or go for flat top boards for extra fun and an easy ride.

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