Burton Restricted Druid Snowboard Jacket Review

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Burton Druid Snowboard Jacket

The Burton Druid Jacket is part of the Sig Fit Series. It’s not super big and it’s not super, super tight. It’s actually right in the middle. The seams have a little bit longer length than the majority of the Burton line jackets. The 5,000 millimeter waterproof material and the 5,000 millimeter breathable material make this a great overall jacket. It’s not as waterproof as some of the other Burton Jackets, but if you ride in dry conditions, this is going to be a definitely—a great cool-looking jacket with a lot of great features.

This jacket’s part of the Dry Ride Durashell Technology category. That means that there’s an abrasion-free or abrasion-resistant material, and then a membrane right underneath that that has waterproof and breathable materials. Now the Jacket has a lot of cool features of course. It has an articulated hood that is fully adjustable, a chafe-free collar, adjustable cuffs as well, and lots of pockets. So two chest pockets, fully belly pockets that you can enter both on the top and through the sides. They’re fleece lined, which is great, and they also have a keyring. And there’s another thing. A shhhh pocket. That’s right, a hidden pocket that goes right along the seam, and you can hide whatever you want in there—extra change, whatever. On the inside, there’s a lot of cool features as well. Of course, there’s a media pocket that has headphone wire jacks. Your headphone wires aren’t on the outside of your jacket—definitely a cool thing.

The inside of the jacket is well-insulated as well. It’s called the Thermacore. There’s 40 grams of Thermacore throughout this jacket. There’s also taped seams. Now, even though this jacket is somewhat waterproof, on the seams that are stitched together, there’s thousands of little holes. Now, it doesn’t matter how waterproof your jacket is. If it has thousands of holes in it, it’s going to absorb a lot of water. A lot of water is going to get through your jacket. But not with this jacket because it does have taped seams. There’s a jacket to pant interface through the powder skirt. If you like riding powder, well, this is going to be a great year for you. There’s a lot of cool stuff, a lot of media features, a hidden stash pocket, cool colors, lots of pockets, articulated arms, a contoured hood.


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