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2011 Burton Prophecy

This is the Burton Prophecy Snowboard Bindings. These are going to revolutionize the way you think freestyle riding should be, in a binding. Now, they do have a six response rating (which means that they are a little bit stiffer than most bindings) but that’s for a good cause. When you lean into those high backs, they’re going to turn your board right away. Now, the base plates are very interesting and 20% lighter than most Burton bindings. They do that by doing two different things: using a dual component plastic and glass combination. Now you’ll see in the gray area, that they use 30% glass and nylon composite. In the neon-greenish color, the use 11% short-glass and nylon composite, which means they’re pretty light. The high backs are great to have, the dual composite plastic, again both in the gray and the green color like I have explained earlier, and they have the living hinge technology for your forward lean. So all you have to do to adjust the forward lean back or forward and just turn this little knob and basically moves forward and back. And it also has the air mesh, you’ll see they don’t use very many materials in this keeping the bindings nice and light.

They also have used pre-ground materials to reduce waste in both the high back and the base plate. It’s great for the earth, it’s great for me and it’s great for you. The straps are pretty interesting, the ankle strap is a “Cored Ultrastrap Air”, which means they basically cored out the center of this thing to keep it light and so you won’t have very much bunching where your ankle strap is. The toe strap, is called the “Gettagrip Capstrap”,  it has a 3D shape with three spines in the middle so you can wear this on the top of your foot or on the front, like most people do. The buckles are a dual compound buckle, they’re aluminum and polycarbonate construction; easy to get into, easy to get out of. Now the foot bed and the cushioning system is great, it’s called the “FullBED Cushioning System” and it also has the “B3 Gel” technology so you’ll see this little cushioning right there, that’s gel. They use the B3 Gel in their boots as well, so if you want to link up your Burton boots with your Burton bindings, you’ll have an ultra smooth ride. Besides the “Re:Flex” they also have the “Re:Flex” in their base boots so that means they cored out the material so you’re not going to have a lot of material in between to stop the board from flexing the way that it naturally would. So if you have a reverse camber board or even a camber board, these bindings are going to flex with the shape of the contour of the board and the contours of the snow. Again, this is the Burton Prophecy, it has a response rating of a six, and I think I’m going to ride these in the future because I will have endless possibilities with it.”


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