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Good. Better. Best. That’s how simple Burton makes it to determine the waterproofness of each snowboarding jacket and pant. You can be certain that whatever Burton outerwear you choose, it’s will certainly keep you dry. After all, Burton is a snowboarding company, so of course even the lowest priced pieces will keep the wet stuff at bay. The question of which level of waterproofness is best depends on where you ride most often.

Do you frequent the Cascade Range or the Canadian Rockies? Then, you’ll definitely want to go for a jacket with the most waterproofing properties like the AK 2L Cyclic Jacket, AK 3L Freebird Jacket or the AK 3L Hover Jacket. Burton jackets with the highest waterproof rankings are built with Gore-Tex fabric, so no matter how wet it gets or how many hours you spend on your board, you’re guaranteed to stay dry on the inside…for life.

The main difference between “Best” and “Better” is the lighter weight material used in “Best” jackets. “Best” jackets are designed for backcountry missions, heli trips and the most extreme snow conditions. A middle of the road jacket in terms of waterproofness is also guaranteed to keep you dry. “Better” jackets like the Crack Down Jacket, Full Metal Jacket, Hostile Jacket, Mob System Jacket, Payday Puffy and Squire Jacket are a terrific choice for anyone looking for full weather protection in a more fashion forward style. Some “Better” styles are even constructed with Gore-Tex.

Burton Poacher JacketBurton SentryBurton AK 3L


“Good” jackets will leave you with some extra cash for a lift ticket. They’re a tremendously economical and are all treated with DWR, a water repellent coating. For mild temperatures and sunny conditions at Vail, park missions at Big Bear or a late season comp at Mammoth, “Good” jackets like the Arctic Jacket, Breach Jacket, Checkpoint Jacket, Fraction Insulated Jacket, Fraction Jacket, Groucho Jacket, Hackett Jacket, Poacher Jacket and Softshell Hoodie are perfect. Such jackets are also ideal for walking to and from class, waiting for the school bus or just cruising town. You’ll find the most prints, colors and wallet friendly features in “Good” jackets by Burton.

Boarding School – Waterproofness

Teacher – Mark, do you have questions about waterproofing?
Mark – Nah, just trying to determine how waterproof this jacket is.
Teacher – Ya know, Burton’s outerwear level of waterproofness either measured by good, better or best – so ahh, you don’t really need to do that.
Mark – Well, how am I supposed to know which is the outerwear for me to get.
Teacher – That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.
Mark – Alright, I live in British Columbia, so it gets wet up there. Does that mean I need BEST rated outerwear?
Teacher – All Burton outerwear is prepared for weather, but some are designed to handle anything Mother Nature coughs up.
Mark – So, you’re saying it’s a decision I’m going to have to make myself.
Teacher – Yup, it all depends on the conditions you’ll be riding in.


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