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When it’s just you and your crew tearing down the mountain slashing turns, bonking stumps and feeding off each other’s creative riding, you just get this feeling that everything and everyone is simply amazing. It makes you feel unstoppable, confident, strong and insanely happy. What’s better is when you’re on that perfect shred stick for the conditions, terrain and your mood. The Burton Nug is one of those fun boards that’ll make you ride a little differently..

For a quicker, more maneuverable ride, downsizing 8-10 centimeters is now made possible with Burton Nug Raduction Tech. With less board to handle, riding switch, catching some air and jibbing your heart out will feel like a whole new world. But it’s so much more than just shrinking down a high end board. The Nug can still ride fast minus the wobbles. A combination of revolutionary Burton snowboard attributes make it all possible. For starters, the waist is a bit wider for optimized stability. The tip and tail both have increased contact points, or Side Effects as Burton calls it, to drastically improve edge hold and stability. Jumper Cables feature carbon stringers that radiate outward from your feet toward the tip and tail to add amp to your ollies and more snap when powering through turns. To top it off, Squeeze Box core profile features soft, flexing core sections underfoot balanced by stiffer core sections on either side of the feet, which transfers energy to the tip and tail. Phew! Yup, Nug Raduction is a mouthful. Big things come in small packages.

Recent marvels of engineering and design introduce Nug Raduction. Boards featuring Nug Raduction are light and lively underfoot. Easy to maneuver and surprisingly floaty, poppy and stable at speed all while giving you the option to downsize up to 10 centimeters in length. These dynamics are achieved by optimizing every element such as increased width where you need it (around the waist of the snowboard), utilizing Side Effects to lengthen the contact points along the top and tail for improved edge hold and stability, Jumper Cables, carbon strands inside the  board to add desired snap and pop, the revolutionary Squeeze Box core profile to transfer energy to the tip and tails while balancing stability underfoot. Combined, these key attributes compose Nug Raduction.

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