Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings- Review – 2011

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Burton Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Fleece, Mitts, Gloves, Shirts, Polos, BackpacksThis is the Malavita binding by Burton Snowboards. The response rating for these Burton Malavita bindings is a 7, which is pretty stiff, which makes these Burton Bindings very responsive bindings. I like being able to lean and have my bindings follow my lead. Feats of strength can be used and achieved with these bindings. The baseplates are a single component 11% short-glass nylon composite baseplate.

That’s pretty much the same thing as the single component highback that this has. It also has a MicroFLAD or forward lean adjustment on it so you can move up and down the forward lean with no problems whatsoever. Not only does the highback have that amazing system and this great little thumbhole, so if you’re hiking up the pipe you can put your thumb in there. It acts as an extra little grip. That’s one of the great reasons that I love these bindings so much and it also has airpods. These things are going to be comfortable. That’s comfortable. The straps are great. They are both park specific. This is the Asym Superstrap. You can adjust this strap. You can turn it upside down, you can turn it right, you can turn it left. The reason that Burton has designed this park specific strap is for riders that want a little bit more lateral support; or they don’t want it. If you want more power or more mobility you can change these straps around.

They are 3-D curved and they have 3-D spines inside of them and the toe straps are pretty much the same thing. It’s called the Gettagrip strap. It has a 3-D spine on the inside and they removed some of the material to make them a little bit lighter. And it’s a versatile toe strap, so you can wear it on top of your foot if you’d like; or you can wear it right on your toes like most people do. The buckles are a dual compound buckle, easy to get into, easy to get out of. And the footbed cushioning system is called the FullBED. From your toes to your heels you are going to have cushioning and you are going to love it. Not only that, it also has the B3 heel gel technology. So inside that full footbed you’re going to have a little bit of extra gel. It’s called B3, they have it in some of their boots and I highly suggest you try these out. These are the Burton Malavita. They have a rating of about a 7, so they’re going to be a little bit stiffer. They have cool colors, nice little thumbhole for your hiking needs. Try these bindings out. You’ll dig them.


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