2013 Burton Lightning Bolts

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With riders like Peetu Piiroinen, John Jackson, Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark pushing snowboarding limits on boards with Lightning Bolt tech, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. Lightning Bolts yield insane response with the highest performance in a lightweight shred stick. The best part is that Burton figured out how to maximize response without making the board stiff. Lightning Bolts are carbon fiber rods integrated into the fiberglass that radiate outward from the bindings for quick response and unreal precision. Snowboards with Lightning Bolts, like the Custom XAntlerFeelgood and Feelgood Flying V, demand a rider that’s ready to shred hard. You can afford to get lazy on these boards. They’re just waiting for you to slash some nasty pow, destroy corduroy and stomp landings that’ll scare your mom. Seriously. Lightning Bolts are the real deal for aggressive riders.

Burton Lightning Bolts are energy transfer strands that radiate outward from beneath your feet sending input from brain to edge quicker for faster response and effortless precision. For more electrified handling, Lightning Bolts High Voltage feature energy transfer strands woven into the fiberglass both above and below the board’s core for dual drive power and response.

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