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How about a little more pop to your ollies? Or a lot more drive to your turns? When it comes to snowboards, sometimes we want our board to excel at every pow turn, wind lip, picnic table and obstacle that comes our way. Pushing your creative limits on a snowboard is what it’s all about. Simply put, jumper cables are like adding another shot of espresso to a double latte. They make jibbing a tree stump and powering through powder all in the same run a lot more fun. Technically speaking, Jumper Cables are carbon stringers that shoot outward from the bindings toward the tip and tail of your snowboard. So think if it as a little more power where your ollies and turns initiate. Join the party with the BluntSocial, Deja Vu Flying V and Process Flying V.

Jumper Cables are ultra light carbon stringers that radiate energy outward from your feet toward the tip and tail for added pop. Beyond adding amplitude to your ollies, Jumper Cables also create more snap and drive when exiting a turn. For cables High-Voltage, increase energy even more with the added pop of carbonated rods instead of strands.

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