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With the purchase of all men’s  Burton Snowboards and women’s, you can rest easy knowing your shiny new purchase will maintain it’s pop, flex and feel year after year. What a bummer it’d  be to drive up to the mountain on opening day, only to find that your two year-old board has become a boring noodle! Infinite Ride is a Burton exclusive technology that utilizes a sweet machine to “break in” your board. That way, the board is guaranteed to deliver and ride the same season after season. Infinite Ride is such a crucial piece of tech for snowboards, that Burton now offers it on every single model in their line. Curious what the Infinite Ride machine looks like? See for yourself…

Infinite Ride is exclusive to Burton. It allows us to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board by using a machine that breaks the board in for you. With Infinite Ride, your board will maintain it’s flex, pop and feel from day one, season after season.

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