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Burton Hot Pockets BootsThis one’s for you, ladies. It’s no secret that women’s feet get colder on the mountain than guys. Why? Possibly because their feet are too pretty to smell and sweat like their BF’s. At any rate, select women’s Imprint™ liners are built to accommodate a disposable toe warmer! How awesome is that? Just slip one of the included Little Hotties® toe warmers into the neoprene sleeve on the top of your foot and feel the heat all day long. The best part is that you can’t even feel the warmer in your boot. It’s a seamless fix for cold feet. Keep those toes warm and happy with the Bootique and Emerald snowboard boots.

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The neoprene sleeve on the liner holds the warmer perfectly in place on your foot to keep it nice and toast on those less than comforting days.

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