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The name of this insanely awesome outsole tech pretty much says it all. The comfort, cushioning, support and response is pretty much the next best thing since snowboarding was allowed at ski resorts. If you’ve never had leg cramps or had to rip your boots off mid-run to give your feet a breather, you’re lucky… Ill fitting boots without much thought into ergonomics, design or foot structure shouldn’t even be legal. Seriously. Burton boots with Holy Shit Outsole tech will seriously blow your mind. Multiple EVA midsoles provide optimized cushioning – a dense one for lateral support and a soft one for medial support. Your ankle will naturally roll while providing the perfect amount of support. If you’re ready for some life changing snowboarding boots, go with the Hail boot.

The Holyshit Outsole cardinal cushioning provides support, response and ergonomics in amazing ways. A primary midsole promotes toe to heel response, support and cushioning. Beneath that, a secondary dual density EVA midsole uses a more dense EVA for lateral support and a softer, more cushioned EVA for medial support that allows your foot to  roll naturally reducing stress on your joints and ligaments.

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