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The Burton Guru is a new board in Burton’s line. It’s a pretty good for beginner to advanced all mountain riders. What you are looking at here is a very slightly tapered shape. You have basically half a centimeter running for the nose. It is going to be a little bit wider and the tail is going to be a little bit narrower. It makes it a little bit more forgiving. It tracks really good in powder through uneven terrain. You have a twin shape on this one, or twin flex I should say, with a slightly set back stance. It has slant wall construction that is tried and true and reduces the amount of material over the edge so it can act a little independently. It reduces the weight overall by having the slant to it. From there you run into the centered base which is impregnated with wax really well from the factory. It only gets faster the more you wax it. This one has their pressure distribution edge; by the binding position it just bumps out ever so slightly. It is pretty hard to see with the naked eye but it gives you an extra two points of contact on each side. So, instead of just having one on the nose and the tail, you have two in between right underneath the bindings. It is going to grip really good for any east coaster or midwest free wider looking to rail on the icy crud that we ride. From there you have their powder flat core. It has a lighter weight material for the wood in the nose and the tail just to make it more balanced since it is a little bit larger. It has full tip to tail wood core, as with any of the Burton boards. It does come with the Get Lifted program sticker on it. Go online and sign up and you get a free lift ticket at one-third of the resorts in the nation. Burton is shelling out $20 million on that this year. No other company is kicking it back like that. It’s a really, really cool board. Like I said, it for anywhere from a beginner to an advanced rider. If you’re not sure what kind of riding you are going to do, it is a good one to go with if you know you’re not going to be in the park so much.

Burton Guru Snowboard

Burton Guru Snowboard


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