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Burton Making Snowboarding Easier

Since 1977 Burton has been creating some of the best snowboarding equipment in the world. Through innovations Burton is making snowboarding more fun and easier to to learn. With new technology Burton is changing how people learn to snowboard. It has never been easier to learn how to snowboard with the help of EZ V and Easy Rider snowboard profile shapes.

EZ V Rocker

EZ V Rocker  provides a forgiving catch free ride with effortless edge control. EZ V Rocker can be found on boards such as the: Burton Chopper, Burton Genei  Burton Clash, Burton Bullet, Burton TWC Standard.



Easy Rider Technology

Burton took EZ V rocker to the next level with Easy Rider Technology. Easy Rider Tech can be found on the Womens Burton Genie, Boys Burton Chopper and the Girls Burton Chicklet. Burton’s Easy Rider Technology makes learning more fun and enjoyable for everyone in the process. The magic behind these boards are the super soft flex and a convex base that makes the snowboard super forgiving and nearly impossible to catch an edge on. Easy Rider technology help snowboarders progress like never before.

Burton snowboard equipment is tailored by gender and age to help people learn how to snowboard faster than ever before. Get hooked on snowboarding a take a lesson at a Learn To Ride Center near you!



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