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The Forward Leaner Adjustor, better know as the FLAD is a now a standard feature on all Burton snowboard bindings for both men and women. Once you start playing around with the FLAD on your bindings, you’ll wonder how you could ever ride without such an easy to adjust feature. For park riders who slide rails, bonk picnic tables and jib all day long, minimal or zero forward lean is ideal. In other words, the binding high back will be as close to an upright position as possible. This allows the rider to freely bend at the knees thereby lowering the center of gravity. The rider will feel more stable on the center of their board. Riders like Shaun White and Hannah Teter spend most of their time in the half pipe and therefore require an aggressive forward lean for speed. Freeriders and all-mountain riders will also enjoy some forward lean. The FLAD on Burton bindings doesn’t require any tools to adjust – simply spin the dial with your gloves on at the top of the lift!

Another feature our team can’t live without, the Forward Lean Adjustor – FLAD for short is a standard feature on all Burton bindings. The higher the forward lean angle on your highbacks, the quicker your heel edge response. Crank it up for icy hits in the pipe or back it off for jibbing and playing around. Tool free adjustably makes it easy to tweak your forward lean between runs until you find the right setting.

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