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2011 Burton Custom Snowboard

Burton Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Fleece, Mitts, Gloves, Shirts, Polos, BackpacksThe Burton Custom you all have seen this board around a lot. That’s because it’s good. A lot of people ride it and because this thing is pretty much bomb-proof. If you want to do anything this Burton snowboard, this could be the one. Even if you’re a kid who’s just learning how to ride and just cruise around. This could be the board for you – it might be a little bit stiff – but this could be the board for you.

It does have a feel good rating of 5, so right in the middle of the boards, it is part of the series, so they have reduced the amount of material and maximized the amount of power and efficiency in every single piece of this. This Burton Custom is a cambered shaped board with the channel system. You could use bindings in the system. It is a directional shape. The tail is going to be a little bit shorter than the nose. But it does have a twin flex, which is kind of interesting. It does has a super fly two coere with dual zone EDG. There’s laminate hard and soft woods that run tip to tail on this board. Focusing on the majority of the hard woods, underneath the bindings for equal and greater energy transfer. It also has Burton‘s dual zone EDG, meaning that the wood grains on the edges of the board actually run perpendicular to the rest of the board.

There is a negative profile in the core as well. The negative profile of the core is a little bit thicker in between the bindings and the tapers off towards the tail, reducing the amount of weight in the nose and tail for greater swing weight.

There’s Triax fiberglass in this board which runs in three different directions, 45 degrees, -45 degrees, and 0 degrees. There are lightning bolts. They’re energy transfer beams that run underneath the bindings towards the tip of the tail of the board, and there’s carbon I-beams that run pretty much from the tip to the tail as well.

There is also Burton frostbite edges, edges that stick out of the board just a touch, with the grip and rip classic tune. The side walls have the 10:45 side walls, so they are at 10 and 45 degrees.

It’s part of the Infinite Ride program. This board’s already broken in for you. It’s not going to be stiff right out of the box. It’s going perfectly broken in. It also has pro tip. The pro tip running across the board is a gradual tapering of all the material in the board for less swing rate. A lot of people ride it. What’s great about this board too, if you’re a big-footed rider, it does come in wide options as well. Everyone seems to love and now you know why!


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