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It wasn’t until recently that all snowboards had camber. What is camber exactly? Well, it’s the convex or arch shape to a snowboard base that is noticeable when the board is lying on a flat surface. Try it out. You’ll notice that there’s space between the board and the flat surface with a camber snowboard.

Why camber you ask? Camber is loved for precision, hard driving turns, speed and immense pop. Think about it. When you strap into your bindings and step onto a camber board, the board now completely touches the ground (no convex). The board beneath your feet has extra power since the convex is now pressing into the snow. The result is impressive edge hold, drive and power. Bam!

People who ride camber snowboards are often more aggressive riders, sometimes bigger riders and usually  have more experience. One thing for sure is that camber riders like to work for their turns. A board with rocker is easier to ride and doesn’t take as much effort to initiate turns. Camber boards demand that you give each turn your all – which is totally fun!

Do you like half pipe? Do you like to put slalom skiers to shame? Are you planning to put your name in the hat for the Banked Slalom? Does going 60 MPH on fresh corduroy sound like your idea of a good time? Boardercross perhaps? If you fall into any of those categories, camber is your thing…

A lot of “dudes” who have been riding for fifteen plus years stick to camber. Rocker is new and somewhat trendy. While it’s a different style of riding than camber, some people are just camber riders for life. There’s no right or wrong. It’s totally preference. Now let’s get to it. Pick your poison…

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Women’s Camber Snowboards

Camber. Camber is where it all begins. An advocate of powerful turns and poppy precision, camber speaks to the core values of board design. Offering a snappy suspension, camber distributes weight evenly over the entire weight of the board allowing for smooth continuous edge control from tip to tail.

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