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burt-fish-160-13-zoomSurfboards gradually became smaller and smaller over the past few centuries. Smaller surfboards are more maneuverable, lighter and easier to turn. Well, snowboarding hasn’t been around nearly as long, but like surfing, board shapes and lengths have evolved over time making for new challenges, more fun and a variety of snowboarding styles. Snowboarding is all about fun and personal style. That’s why there’s been so much hype around Burton snowboards with Reduction technology. They’re shorter in length, yet hold stable at high speeds. They’re super fun for making small turns in tight trees and pow slashes left and right. It’s just a different feeling than a regular sized board – and one that’ll ignite your inner snowboard creativity. Ready? Check out the Fish Snowboard or Root Snowboard.

Mark – Have you ever wanted one playful board?
Teacher – Who hasn’t?
Mark – How about a shorter board with more of a skate-like feel?
Teacher – Or what about one that was surprisingly floaty, poppy and stable at speed all while giving you the option to downsize up to 10 centimeters in length?
Mark – And real subtle…but yea, we’re talking about boards like the Nug, Nugget, Super Hero – anything the features Reduction. It’s ahhh really fun for tight trees, park, powder – kind of anywhere you want to go. So look for this icon with boards featuring Reduction.
Teacher – Make it short and sweet.

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