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Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings

Countless factors were examined to determine the best Flow Snowboard Bindings and we finally made our conclusion.  The best Flow Snowboard Bindings are the M9-SE bindings.  The three pillars that assisted our outcome were, price point, technology, riding feel.  With tons of unique technology, a splendid riding feel, and a relatively low price point the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are nearly impossible to matchup.

Sure the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have tons of great technology, but how do they ride?  Like a dream come true.  Flow’s technology is far from a marketing gimmick,  every piece provides a real purpose.  The Original Reclining Hiback (ModBack), Power Triangle, and Hybrid PowerCapStrap give the rider an unfair advantage for ripping around and unmatched comfort found only in Flow bindings.  Flow M9-SE Bindings have three characteristics that other bindings don’t have…

Original Reclining Hiback – The highback reclines fully flat for quickest rear entry on the planet (SpeedEntry).  The Original Reclining Hiback offers riders quick SpeedEntry from the back.  With one hand you can peel the Modback down, slide your foot in, reposition the highback, and lock it it place.  With the Flow’s SpeedEntry you’ll be ready to ride quicker than your friends.
Power Triangle – A steel cable provides optimal energy transfer from the highback to the baseplate.  Getting onto your heelside edge as fast as possible to crucial for your snowboard to perform right.  Flow offers an opportunity for bindings to move with the utmost precision with the connection of a steel cable from the highback to the baseplate.  When you lean back against your highback the steel cable puts the baseplate up.
Hybrid PowerCapStrap – Flow took a new direction by combining one piece Fusion PowerStrap technology with traditional ankle & toe straps to create a new SideEntry masterpiece.  The most distinguishing piece of technology on Flow bindings is the one piece Fusion PowerStrap.  The Fusion PowerStrap securely covers the entire boots and gives the rider no pressure points.  While riding Flow bindings with the Fusion PowerStarp you’ll hardly even notice the bindings are on because of the lack of pressure points.  Riders who grew up with traditional 2 piece straps (Ankle & Toe) now have an option with Flow.  The Flow Hybrid PowerCapStrap offers riders the FEEL of traditional ratcheted straps (SideEntry) with the connivence of rear entry (SpeedEntry).  If you don’t want to use the rear entry option, you can always use the ratcheted Hybid PowerCapStrap.

Besides the three main components listed above, the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings have a 2 more things that make them ride so smooth – the ModBack HiBack and the Rockered Baseplates.  The ModBack HiBack combines a strong aluminum alloy heelcup and a softer upper zone piece that easily tweakable.  The aluminum heelcup rises halfway up the highback for great response and the soft upper zone freely flexes for poking out tricks.  Getting the board to flex naturally is one goal of every binding manufacturer; that’s why Flow decided to rock up the corners of the M9-SE Snowboard Bindings.  The Rockered Baseplates offers a stable zone underfoot while allowing the board to flex naturally through rockered baseplate corners.

The Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings feel like traditional strapped bindings with less foot pressure.  They’re easy to get into and out of and they ride like a Ferrari on the snow.  If you want the connivence of the Original Reclining Hiback and the feel of traditional straps the Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings are the way to go.


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