Choosing the Best Clothes for Traveling

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Clothes for Traveling

Your dream destination is chosen. The tickets are booked. Now comes the part we all dread – packing. Packing for a trip really doesn’t have to be daunting or stressful. With a few considerations in mind and a desire to pack smart, you’ll be geared up with only the right clothing and no extras to weigh you down. Read on for some tips to keep your packing experience far from overwhelming…

Neutral Colors and Styles – Unless you’re planning to bring two suitcases and a pair of shoes for every outfit, keeping your travel wardrobe limited to neutrals like khaki, black, white and brown will make mixing and matching on the road much easier. If that’s too boring, opt for a few brighter tops, but keep the bottoms neutral. If that’s still just not “you,” be sure that every article of clothing you bring has at least three options to wear with it. For example, a printed skirt should match a tank top, a short sleeve shirt, and a long sleeve shirt or sweater. And ladies, any outfit can be jazzed up with a big necklace or earrings!

Performance and Wrinkle Resistant Fabrics – Performance fabrics not only wick moisture, but they also tend to wrinkle far less than cotton. Natural fibers, such as wool and silk, or synthetics, such as nylon, polyester, microfibers, spandex, and acrylic, all offer superior wrinkle resistance. Cotton, even when blended with spandex, still tends to wrinkle. Performance fabrics don’t have to make you look like your going for a run either. Brands like White Sierra have show us that performance and wrinkle resistant fabrics can dress up nicely for an evening out.

Pockets – Multiple pockets, in both shirts and pants, come in handy when traveling. Zippered pockets add that extra bit of security to hold money or a passport. Shirt pockets are a perfect place for sunglasses, lip balm or tickets. Many pants and shorts these days have hidden internal pockets which will eliminate the need for a separate money belt under your clothing.

Modesty – Do a bit of research on customary clothing before heading to a new country. In some places, like Europe, shorts are reserved for coastal towns rather than the city. You certainly don’t want to offend anyone or make it too obvious that you’re an uneducated tourist.

Sun and Insect Protection – UV protective clothing has been around for the last couple of decades, but did you know that some clothing these days offers insect protection as well? Insect Shield™ is a treatment that helps shield mosquitos, ticks and other biting insects. White Sierra’s Swamp Shirts are treated with Insect Shield™ and will be a true life saver if you’re planning an outdoor or adventure vacation. UV protection can be found in many styles with with brands like The North Face and Outdoor Research.

One Nice Outfit – Even if you are planning a casual trip, consider packing a nice outfit for an unexpected trip to a festival, an upscale bar or fancy restaurant. Keep the outfit simple and neutral as possible, perhaps dressing up a more casual outfit with a tie or bright scarf if space is your main concern.

Packing is second only to unpacking when it comes to unpleasant aspects of travel. In order to minimize the stress and last-minute agony, spend some time doing a mental walk-through of your trip. Think about the types of clothing you will enjoy wearing, which will be comfortable and will also be either warm or cool enough. “Mentally” packing a week or so before the trip will make the process go a lot smoother. Not to mention, you will lessen the chances of forgetting something important! Bon Voyage!



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