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Today we have the Artec Gabe Taylor, one of the best boards Artec makes, Gabe Taylor’s pro model. This is the limited version of that. Gabe Taylor’s a super, super popular pro out of Mammoth, definitely rides a little bit of everything, but probably the biggest thing is like freestyle in the back country. It’s a really cool board, you’ve got a nice velocity topsheet, gold inlay in the center, the hot Gucci like repeat print there that Gabe Taylor seems to absolutely love. From there you’ve got a softer sidewall in the nose and the tail, makes it really forgiving, makes it good for pressing and stuff like that. Then through the center they’re going to run an ABS which is going to be more durable for rails and stuff like that.

It’s going to hold up a little bit better. The base is going to be a very, very fast, about 8000 series base, definitely sintered, very porous. It will require waxing about every three to six times out, but from there you’re definitely going to get a payback in the speed for sure. You’re looking at twin flex on this one, just a really, really good kind of kill it all freestyle board. Artec’s snowboards ¬†are super good. I believe they have a two-year warranty on their stuff as well too, so they back the product as well. This is a great board at a good price


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