Review: Armada T-Hall Skis

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Tanner designed these skis as if he had to choose one ski to ride for the rest of his life. The T-Hall’s are built exactly to his specifications—stiffer beneath the boots and softer towards the tip and tail for maximum freestyling capabilities. Butters, tail presses, nose presses, blunts… manipulate this ski however you want, when you want. In the air, this ski has very light swing weight for spinning, but Armada’s AR50 sandwich construction is bomber for hard landings and stability at speed. The positive camber (versus rocker) provides maximum edgehold in icy pipes and transitions, and offers that old-school “pop” that rocker cannot. –MH

Sizes(CM): 181, 176, 171, 166

Tip-Waist-Tail (181cm): 120-87-110


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