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32 Tm-2 Snowboard Boots 2012

This is the 32 Team Two (Tm-2) Snowboard Boot. It’s a team favorite that’s been beefed up from last year. This was one of the first boots that I got that really advanced my pipe riding. They have a flex rating of a 7 out of a 10, so it’s going to be on a little bit more of a responsive scale or end of the scale. It’s part of the Team Fit, which is in general about the medium flex boot fit, but it’s on the stiffer end of that medium flex. The liner is going to be a Level 4 liner and the footbed is actually going to be a Level 2 footbed. The lacing system of course is going to be a traditional lacing system, but the lace system has a pretty unique feature called the Tongue Tension System. So when you lace up the laces, the Tongue Tension System actually pulls an internal lacing system to wrap around the top of the 3-D molded tongue. There’s also a couple of panels on here called TPU, welded panels that actually give the outsides of this boot a little bit more durability and a little bit more structure. That helps the flex rating to be a 7. The molded tongue, of course, is going to give you a little bit of support when you’re over that toeside edge and the high backstay is going to give that support you need when you’re leaning over that heelside edge.

The combination of the molded tongue and the backstay will give you that lateral and medial support as well. The articulated cuff is going to give this boot a nice consistent flex and you’re not going to get that distorted shell when you flex this boot forward, or backward. There’s an internal ankle harness as well that tightens the Level 4 liner. But on the outside of the shell, there’s also a nice outsole. There’s the G2 Gel temperature-independent outsole. So, you see the red section that’s the G2 Gel. This is temperature-independent, meaning that it doesn’t change its density if it’s really, really cold like negative 30 or when it’s 65 and sunny out. The rest is an STI Evolution Foam, so it’s going to be nice and lightweight. And you’ll see that the outsole is actually very thin. It’s abrasion resistant, has nice grip on the bottom, and it’s actually 15-40% lighter than the previous models of the Thirty Two Team Two. And you know, 32 makes the lightest boots in the world and that’s because of that STI Evolution Foam.

These boots have 32‘s Level 4 liner that are fully heat-moldable Intuition foam. If you need to reheat-mold these, I believe you can reheat-mold these. But if you want a nice snug fit 32 makes some of the greatest and best heat-moldable liners. So make sure you stop into your authorized 32 dealer, like the House, and get these babies heat molded. There’s Velcro closures on the tongue that give you a nice consistent feel. The tongue’s not going to move around when you’re riding, of course. And the dual density Ultralon on the outside section is going to give you a little bit more support and the EVA foam on the inside is going to gave you that soft comfort and a lot of warmth as well. There’s some external and internal overlays as well. The external overlays as you see are similar to the last Level 3 exclusive liners, but these ones have actually been beefed up towards the top of the liner as well. So it will give you a little bit more medial lateral support. Now inside there’s going to be an internal EVA heel overlay that gives you a nice snug fit around the outside of your ankle to keep your heel locked into the heel section of this boot. The liner, the Level 4 liner, has actually been coated with antimicrobial coating so these things are going to smell nice and good all season long.

Now inside the Level 4 liner is going to be the Level 2 Footbed. The Level 2 Footbed is a molded PU footbed that has multiple densities. Of course on the heel there’s a nice shock absorption impact area, a nice harder spot that gives you a little bit more support, so you don’t blow out your heels and then of course the full PU padding. There’s a nice mesh lining that matches the mesh lining on the inside of the Level 4 liner, and yeah, that’s pretty much it. This boot definitely helped me become the halfpipe rider that I am. I’m still not that great, but it definitely helped me a lot. So if you’re looking for a supportive boot that basically does it all look to the 32 Team Two boot, that’s one of the team favorites with a flex rating of a 7.


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