32 Snowboard Boots – 86 FT – 2012 Review

99.9% of snowboarders skate.  Why let your snowboard boots reduce your skate influence?  Don’t.  Skateboard shoes are great because the soles are thin for board control; the Thirtytwo 86 FT ran with that idea and now you won’t find a better board feel in a boot anywhere, period.

If you didn’t know, the FT in 86 FT means Fast Track…named after Thirtytwo’s Fast Track lacing system.  The 86 FT lacing system is quick, smooth, and simple.  The 86 FT lacing system has mid-foot anchor points for the upper and lower zones and a convenient tongue stash spot for the lace pull handles.  Skate shoes are comfortable and so are the 86 FT boots because of the Level F footbed that your feet rest on.

Joe Sexton‘s 86 FT colorway comes from JP Walker making fun of Joe’s style saying “He rides like a frog.”  Joe loves the boot and so will you.  The fully heat moldable Level 2 Liner and 3D Molded Tongue offer enough lateral and medial support with the freedom to Tail Press into next week.

Do yourself a favor and start riding the way you were meant to with the Thirtytwo 86 FT.


Thirtytwo -32 86 FT Joe Sexton Boot Specs

Flex Level: 4/10

Fast Track Lacing System

3D Molded Tongue

Internal Lacing System

Liner:  Level 2 Liner

Boot Bed:  Level F