Protect your gray area! Because living in a black-and-white world sucks. You know that spongy grayish matter called the brain? Yah, you do not want it to become scrambled or at worse spill out on to the slopes! Your brain is a highly sensitive device that unfortunately comes in a chintzier case than a CD. And so often we see snowboarders and skiers wearing 300-dollar boots protecting their feet and a 10-dollar beanie protecting their heads. What sense does that make? Protect the head and stay living in color!

You may think donning a helmet is either uncool or inconvenient, but how cool will it be having drool wiped from your mouth for the rest of your life? When it comes to protecting your head, Bern believes there is a gray area and has engineered a way to protected and serve it.

Bern Unlimited specializes in head protection for non-motorized action sports enthusiasts. Bern’s passion, focus and commitment to providing unparalleled head protection is evident when concust or brain scramble rarely manifests after a crash, bump or a thrown bottle at an after party. Each Bern helmet is cast  from designers and engineers to fit each rider’s personality, lifestyle and, most importantly, the brain. Bern has driven the evolution of head protection. Get out and enjoy participating in action sports — consider it now safe to Crash and Bern.

The helmet to most boarders is right below the snowboard pole on the must-have list. Don’t add to the growing population of brain damaged daredevils who poured thousands into “cooler” tech rather than on a helmet. Remember, it takes seconds to put a helmet on but a lifetime of struggles if you don’t. Do you have a Crash and Bern story? Tell us, then find your protection at The House




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