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In response to last year’s neutrals and muted colors, vibrancy and brilliance are coming back with a vengeance in 2014 for Women’s Outerwear.

Clementine Oranges, Blazing Reds, and Yellows are all the rage.  Match them with some Deep Greens and Blues and you have a well-rounded palate.   My eyes would normally pop out of my head but luckily there are plenty of subdued neutrals, blacks, and browns to accent the luster.  No need for sunglasses to shield you from the glow. Considerate fashionistas have brilliantly blended (pun very much intended) flash with matte.  Quite a nifty balance if you ask me.

Nike Jacket

Lively ethnic and marbled prints are popping up, like the Nike Alpenglow Print snowboard jacket in Prize Blue.

There is a lot of colorblocking again this year; a preexisting trend which has been revamped in 2014.  Much like our beloved precious plaids which never seem to go out of style, I’m starting to think colorblocking may become a staple in jacket fashion.

Here’s lookin at you Prints-cess!

Satin, wool, and textured fabrics add a lot of depth to the overall design.  Military inspired collections see waxed cottons, twills and tweeds with a flavorful approach.  About face infantry expressions!  These classic styles are spinning off the nautical trend that blew up in the 2013 Spring/Summer Season.   That is not any scuttlebutt; so batten down the hatches, slack up the mooring, and dust off your Topsiders.

Gwen Stefani puts a twist on throwback style with a combination of vintage flair and modern glam.  But it is not all form without function.  Herringbone Prints, Clementine and Army Colors bring fashion to the performance driven Stormproof Tech Jacket.  I mean, look at the Burton x L.A.M.B. Anorak Jacket.  You’ll be turning heads while getting those turns in, No Doubt.L.A.M.B. Anorak Jacket

To improve warmth and dryness; as well as rid you of the feeling like you are wearing outdated spongy and tight crotched Snow Pants, a few companies have come out with some radical Softshell Snowboard Pants with a cool look.  This design desire has been present in years past yet has not been as exceptionally executed as this year!  Volcom has introduced designs, my favorite being the Volcom Species Stretch pant, that have all the bells and whistles while also being really comfortable.  The Snowboard Pants are super stretchy, easy to move in, and have a great look.  The Volcom Pants Scientists somehow managed to get a mind-blowing waterproof/breathability rating of 15K/15K.

While some companies like Holden Outerwear identify themselves with the Green Movement, using eco-friendly fabrics and techniques, we are seeing more and more companies joining our environmentally conscious homies this year.   Venture over to our Eco Friendly clothing writeup to check out who else is on the bandwagon to help save the snow, one article at a time. (See what I did there?)

Bottom Line:  It’s about damn time women snowboarders got some attention around here.  So often we see new innovation released to our male counterparts first; then, if we are lucky, it slowly trickles into women’s lines.  You have spoken and they have listened.  There are options for all of the tech you could ever want in an array of looks so you are not stuck looking like a 12 year old girl who came out with Sunday School Ski Club; unless that’s what you’re going for.  We’ve got that too.

Jenny Vogel


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