2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard

The 2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard is the go to deck for the 2012 Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Champion, Sebastien Toutant.  The Pop Rods® 2.0, Slimewalls®, and Carbon Array 3 combination adds a smooth feel and unreal pop.  The Ride Buckwild creates fluid lines and has massive pop that you’ll never forget.

2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard Test Review

Location: Afton Alps, MN

Conditions: 31° F, Soft Groomers

Size: 156 cm

Flex Rating: 5 – The Ride Buckwild felt a little softer than what Ride considers it to be.  I did ride the Ride Buckwild a few centimeters shorter than I normally would, and that may have made the board feel softer.

Pop Rating: 6 – The Pop Rods 2.0™ added a huge amount of pop flat off the nose and tail.  The Ride Buckwild has tons of snap and cranks out some massive ollies.

Responsiveness Rating: 5 – As expected from a freestyle board, the Ride Buckwild wasn’t too sluggish or quick edge to edge.  It had a good blend to do it all e.g. jibs, jumps, and pipe.

Stability Rating: 4 – I pushed the Ride Buckwild to its limits, and I found it to be a little unstable at high speeds, which is rather odd because Seb rides this thing at a million miles an hour.

Maneuverability Rating: 8 – Even though I rated the Ride Buckwild’s responsiveness at a 5, it can make mini carves and large carves with ease.  Some boards either make large, medium, or small radius turns, but the Ride Buckwild makes them all.

Overall Rating: 7 – High up on the overall ranking is where I found the Ride Buckwild.  The board is a slopestyle killer and can slay the whole mountain.  It might actually be a quiver of one type board which says a lot.  It felt a little softer because a rode a smaller size, but made a wide variety of radius turns, and had tons of pop.  If you like jumping off of everything, you’ll like the Ride Buckwild.

2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard Specs

Ride Buckwild Snowboard Consruction Features:

Thin Con – Tapered tips and tails, reduced swing weight, enhanced tip flex and the sidewall runs past the effective edge.

Twin Rocker – A Hook-free twin shape featuring micro rocker combined with a long, stable flat zone that extends well beyond the inserts into the tip and tail.  Dialed for hitting features from big booters to rails, and everything in between.

Slimewalls® – Ride’s responsive and smooth sidewall technologies level terrain input for consistent filtered feedback.

Carbon Array 3™ – This powerful distribution technology provides total board control in every stance location.  Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zones gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles.  Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maxim board control.

Pop Rods® 2.0 – Ride’s Pop Rods give already fun and playful boards the added liveliness to set them apart from the competition.  Using strategic placement in the boards tip and/or tail, this technology adds pop without the stiffness generally associated with snappy boards.  Made up of flat carbon rods that wrap a urethane slime-core, Pop Rods have carbon for massive pop and a slime-core to smooth out the landing.

Cleave Edge™ – Nearlt 50% more steel, delivers unmatched resistance to edge cracking and can be detuned to larger radii.

Hybrid Glass – Triaxial on top, biaxial on base, balanced torsion and stiffness for a better response with speed.

Fusion 4000 Base – More durable, harder, and faster than extruded and is the fastest base material known (sintered).

2×4 Inserts – Dial in your stance for the option that feels best.



  1. rufflekz November 26, 2012 at 1:27 pm - Reply

    how would you compare the buckwild with the machete gt?

    • gufrocks November 26, 2012 at 3:28 pm - Reply

      That is a great question about two great boards that are very similar in performance…they both can be pushed to the max and you’ll have a blast riding both! I’ve give you a quick recap of each deck and then a final overview.

      Buckwild: The Buckwild is a great all around park/pipe/jib freestyle deck. At the decent price point of $490 the Buckwild has tons of great features found exclusively in Ride products. The waist width of the Buckwild is a touch wider than the Machete GT and rips just as quickly edge to edge because of the Poprods 2.0 and Carbon Array 3. With a flex rating of a 6 the Buckwild is on the softer side of the two decks. The slimewalls offer a consistent flex at any temperature and have impact resistance for jib dings. The Twin Rocker flat zone runs in between the outsides of the insert packs to the minimal rocker on the nose and tail gives the Buckwild a fun playful and stable feel. The Buckwild can literally do anything you want it to in the park arena.

      Machete GT : Coming in at $550 the Machete GT is loaded with an extreme amount of technology making it an ultimate all mountain freestyle deck. The brand new Hybrid Lowrise profile shape combines micro camber in between the insert packs with low rise rocker in the tip and tail. The low rise rocker keeps the Machete GT’s tips up in pow and crud and the micro camber adds in a bit of extra pop and acceleration through the exit to turns. Sliding in with a flex rating of a 7 the Machete GT will stay sturdy at high speeds through any type of terrain because of the Carbon Array 5 in the tip and tail and the Popwall sidewalls (basically Pop Rods in Slimewalls). With a Membrain topsheet the Machete GT has a feather light feel on snow and of the lift. If the Machete GT had a middle name it would be Radical.

      Overall if you plan on making constant park laps the Buckwild will be the better choice; it’s more freestyle oriented. If you like cruising the hardpack, slashing pow, and making the whole mountain your park the versatility of the Machete GT will be a dream come true.

      Good luck picking. Let me know what you end up getting!


  2. Dmitry January 30, 2013 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    HEllo I heve one question//HOw I can bay this board if I live in Russia what about shipping ?? who can help me ?? and what about price for shipping + boadr ??

    • gufrocks March 13, 2013 at 11:31 am - Reply

      Unfortunately we cannot ship Ride products to Russia.

  3. Adam October 13, 2015 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    Is the ride buck wild better than the k2 turbo dream 2012

    • gufrocks November 19, 2015 at 9:25 am - Reply

      Both are great boards, it’s difficult to say. What type of terrain do you mostly ride?

  4. Adam December 31, 2015 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    I’m more of a park rider

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